Life Planning with Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie, but I don’t really have an Anthropologie sized wallet, sadly.  In circumstances like this, I like to focus on little things I can afford so that I can have a little taste of that style that might motivate me to save some pennies for the big things I love.  For some of my favorites from Anthropologie, you can look here  or here or here or here.

Planners are one of the smaller things that I can afford and that do have that signature Anthropologie style AND are even super useful.  I’ve picked a few favorites to share with you!

Life Planning with Anthropologie


Ok, so confession, first.  I’m not a “Planner” person.  I’m more of a fly by the seat of your pants and live to regret it later type of lady.  Not the best way to go when you have two kids, a part time job, a small blog, 3 animals and a house to care for.  It’s a lot of responsibility, people!  I can’t just wing it, really.  But planners kind of overwhelm me.  I’m not totally sure how to use them and I think I’m actually frightened of writing down all of my responsibilities.  It’s a little scary.  My plan, therefore, is to find a simple planner with a really beautiful design that will make me want to write in it and read from it everyday.  Makes sense, no?


This first one meets the beautiful design criteria.  I love the colorful cover and I’ve always loved things that have those built in bookmarks.  It also has a spiral binding when you open it, so it lays flat. Unfortunately, for this guy, the second I looked at the inside pages I got a little queasy feeling of dread. I don’t know why, but it overwhelmed me.  A little to structured for me, I think.

The Happiness 100-Day Planner -

To rid myself of the queasy anxious feeling, I moved on to this Happiness Planner.  Ok, heart rate coming down, relaxation setting in.  The insides of this planner are more freeform.  There is a weekly plan, but also questions like, “What am I excited about today?”.  There are also some inspirational quotes.


I love the simple graphic cover of this one.  The inside is manageable.  A goals section, a spot where the months are listed so you can jot down the highlights and then it’s broken down weekly.  I think that is just right for me.  It’s the Mama bear porridge of planners.  Wait, is it the Mama’s porridge that Goldilocks ate?  How do I not know that?  Anyway, this one is a contender.


This little guy is lovely.  Minimal, but chic  Also, there is a built in bookmark. This is small, so would easily fit in a purse of almost any size.  But, on the inside, the dreaded daily, weekly and monthly sections that make me scared.  What are you supposed to do?  Fill in ALL THREE SECTIONS?  Sorry, dude, you’re cute and everything, but too much baggage for me.  Not happening.

Year-Less Planner #anthropologie:

This one is pretty.  I like the deep colors.  It has weekly and monthly sections, which still has me slightly on edge, and it also has some blank and graph lined pages for doodles and notes.  I like graph paper, so that’s kind of cool.  All in all, I’m not *feeling* this one, ya know?  I’m not going to fall in love with this one and want to look at it every day for the next year.

So, top two contenders, the graphic navy and white or the Happiness planner?  Any planner pros out there have any suggestions for a non-planner person??

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