5 Unique Fall Wreaths to DIY

*** This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.***     It’s wreath making time, y’all!  (I don’t know why I just said y’all.  I’m not Southern.  I would never say that in real life.  Something just came over me and y’all felt right in that moment.  So there it is.  Y’all).  I’ve had my pretty spring wreath up all summer, but it definitely doesn’t work for fall.  I looked for some inspiration on Pinterest and came up with these 5 Unique Fall Wreaths to DIY.

Wood and Burlap Fall Wreath:

I love how rustic, yet elegant this Wood & Burlap wreath from Finding Home is.  With simple materials, this wreath would come together in a flash.  Well, other than cutting those wood slices.  If you don’t want to actually cut the wood slices, you can buy some here.

Fall Wreath - The Three Little Pumpkins Wreath - Original FREE SHIPPING:

This is a sweet little wreath that you could have bought on Etsy here, but it’s no longer available. You could totally DIY this though.  A wreath form, some fake moss, a few fake pumpkins, burlap and a glue gun.  BAM. Wreath done.  Check out the other wreaths in that twoinspireyou shop if you’re not into DIY’ing  They are all quite lovely!

Fall Wreath Tutorial the36thavenue.com:

I’m obsessed with this wreath from The 36th Avenue.  How adorable is that?  It’s so unique and it is just screaming at me to start making something, now!

Paper Bag Fall Wreath | POPSUGAR Smart Living:

This super chic wreath that I found on Pop Sugar is made from brown paper bags.  What??  Yes.  Brown paper bags and some faux flowers and this pretty lady could grace your door.  


This beauty from Consumer Crafts is possibly my favorite.  It actually looks cozy, which is generally not something I would equate with a wreath, but it is definitely giving off that cozy fall vibe.  

So,there you have it.  5 Unique Fall Wreaths to DIY.  You have been properly inspired, now get to it!  Make something.  I’m going to and I will report back next week with a DIY of my own!



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