A Halloween Tradition – Boo-ing Your Friends

Our kids are so lucky.  We had Halloween night and we got candy.  They have Halloween night, Trunk or Treat, Halloween parades and what I think is the most fun new Halloween Tradition – Boo-ing Your Friends.  Are your kids doing this yet? They are going to want to do this. So, get ready for a Target trip.  Or the dollar store.


The concept is simple.  You put together a couple of cute treat packages, print the instructions and the We’ve Been Boo-ed sign (I have one for you!  Or you can make your own!  Or use one of the countless ones available through a variety of super cool blogs!).  Then deliver the goodies to your friends.  BUT WAIT!


That’s right, this is a socially acceptable ding, dong, ditch, mostly because you are leaving the victim some candy.  What’s more Halloween-ish than sneaking down a dark, spooky driveway, leaving a little present on a doorstep and then ringing the bell and running away as fast as you can so no one sees you??? (Dear parents, use all of your high alert parenting skills here.  Kids running on darkened driveways is probably not the greatest idea on earth, so be hyper vigilant of cars and other dangerous things.  Like zombies).

Here are our treat baskets that we dropped off tonight:


I actually try not to make the treat package ALL candy.  I threw in a bag of M&M’s and some Peanut Butter cups, cause, ya know, protein in the PB, right?  I added in some dollar spot finds from Target like vampire teeth, those cute bat flashing light sticks and a chocolate chip cookie in a tin.  I popped all of that in the Frankenstein basket (also from the dollar spot!) and I think I probably spent about $10 total.  I probably would have made out even better at the dollar store, but sadly that is the only retail store that is not within a 6 minute radius of my home.


Don’t forget to print and add your instructions for how to keep the Boo-ing alive to your treat packages.  I remember before my kids were old enough to participate, driving through the neighborhood and seeing that every door had some sort of a sign taped to it that I couldn’t quite make out from the road… It was actually quite a strange thing to see.  Each day more and more houses had a sign hanging on the front door and at that time, I had no idea what it was and why on earth I didn’t have one!  Some kind neighbor clued me before I put the house up for sale.  Here are the instructions and the We’ve Been Boo-ed Sign the Boo-ed victim hangs on the door so that they don’t get Boo-ed 50 times.  Yes, your kids will ask to not put the sign up because who doesn’t want to get candy left on their doorstep over and over again.  Just say no.  Or say yes and eat all of the candy yourself.  Just kidding (no I’m not).  You can right click on these and print them to your desired size.  I went 5×7.

boo-instructions weve-been-boo-ed

Sounds like fun, right?  Hurry up and get to Boo-ing so you can watch the phenomenon make it’s way through your neighborhood!

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