Buy It, Spy It or DIY It – Anthropologie Winter 2017

Oh, how I love me some Anthropologie.  Mostly because of the inspiration it brings. Inspiration for things I can make or duplicate OR inspiration to make some dollah bills cause Anthro is expensivo.  Here is what I would Buy, Spy (find a cheaper version somewhere…ahem… Marshalls…ahem…Home Goods) or DIY (make it myself because that always turns out just as good as the original.  *sarcasm*).


Buy It – Cities Toile Wallpaper – $148 – I’m jumping right in with a Buy It.  I want to redo my half bath on the first floor and this wallpaper shall be the inspiration for the room.  It’s expensive, yes.  BUT!  A half bath is tiny and the bottom half of the bathroom walls have beadboard on them, so BOOM, I’d barely need any of this.

Spy It – Banker’s Clock – $168 – Ohhh, I love this little clock.  But, my, that is an enormous price tag for something so little.  Sometimes I would put this on my splurge list, but I think I would prefer to scour vintage stores for something similar.


DIY It – Chambray Pouch – $26 – I need a little pouch like this and at $26, that’s not a horrible price.  However, you may remember from previous posts that I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I have been looking at patterns for pouches just like this!  I’d love to try to copy this.

Coppice Shell Pendant:

Spy It – Coppice Shell Pendant – $498 – $998 – I  can pick one of these up for $70-$150.  I know a guy. Just kidding, you can get something similar, though not quite as spectacular, from World Market.

Copper Hanging Art:

DIY It – Copper Hanging Art – $228 – $398 – My art budget is pretty much limited to the prices you would find at your local Habitat ReStore.  So, I can’t afford this.  But I do think it is pretty darn cool and I think it would be fun to try to DIY it.

Wild Wanderer Planter:

Buy It – Wild Wanderer Planter – $20 – Oh, I’m smitten with these little guys.  I’ve never really been super motivated to buy little succulents (because I’m murderer of plants), but maybe I would buy one to put in one of these planters.  Or three to put in all three planters.  I might need to put these on my birthday list.  I can’t spend $60 on tiny planters and one all by itself would look weird and sad.Mind's Eye Wall Art:

DIY It – Mind’s Eye Wall Art – $2058 – No, I didn’t miss a period in that price tag.  I love how colorful this is and I like that it’s sort of graphic.  I could paint some triangles and diamonds, right?  This would be really fun to try.  I’m sure I would fail as I’m not really an artist, but sometimes a fail is fun.  I’ll never be able to buy it and if I did have a spare 2k lying around, I don’t love this enough to spend that kind of money on it, but it’s a nice inspiration piece.

Passing Countryside Mural:

Buy It – Passing Countryside Mural – $229.95 (on sale and there is a 40% off code for sale items!  This is a steal right now!) – I’m a sucker for a good wall mural.  I can’t convince myself that you should have more than one wall mural in your house, however and I do already have one.  But YOU should totally Buy This (while it is on sale and while you can get an additional 40% off, preferably!).

Ok, I’m feeling properly inspired and a little retail therap-ied (although I didn’t buy anything, I still get a feeling of calming just browsing).  I hope you do, too!

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