Game Day Bingo

Anybody out there not really care about the big game on Sunday?  Are you just in it for the snacks and the excuse to get together with friends?  Do you feel awkward when everyone else is cheering or booing and you have no clue what is going on?  This post is for you (so isn’t this one if it’s the snacks you’re really in to!)  I’ve devised a way to keep your head in the game and look totally engaged while still having fun.  It’s a little thing I like to call “Game Day Bingo”.

I found a great site called My Free Bingo Cards.  It is super easy to make your own customized Bingo Cards for any occasion.  Mine are football themed, of course, but the possibilities are endless.

Game Day Bingo:

You can create your own cards, or print mine with the link at the bottom of this post called Game Day Bingo.  If you want to create your own cards, all you have to do is go to the Bingo Card generator, add your title and your words (the hardest part was coming up with a bunch of football related words.  My cards have 25 squares, so I needed more than 25 words in order to make each card fairly unique), select a theme and make a couple of other easy choices and hit Next to generate your cards.  You can print up to 30 for free.

I think this is great for kids who might not be that into football.  They just have to listen to hear the words on their card to be said throughout the game and when they get five in a row, they win! It would be a super smart idea to laminate these bad boys so that the kids can use a dry erase pen to mark off the words as they get them, then just erase the whole thing after someone wins and start again.  Otherwise you will need something to cover each space with, like a small candy (M&M’s are perfect!) or coins.  It will probably be a good idea to have a few inexpensive prizes on hand for the winners.  My kids love prizes.  And they don’t love it when someone tells them, “You won!” and then they don’t get a prize.  Just FYI.

I hope you enjoy bingo and I hope you enjoy the game!!

Game Day Bingo

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