Updated House Tour

I had a whole day with a smidgen of sunshine all to myself the other day, so I took some pictures of the house so that I could update the house tour.  Want to have a peek?

The first room you see when you enter the house is the Living Room (aka the Parlor, aka the former Dining Room).

I love this room.  It’s pretty cozy. There is a tv in here, but we mostly use the room for reading or phone surfing. It’s right off the kitchen, so it gets a lot of traffic and that makes me happy. I hate an un-used room.  Did you want to see the before of this room?  Yes?  Alright, if I must.  I’m warning you, it used to be a dining room…


Next stop is the kitchen. 


Ahhh, so fresh and white, right?  You won’t believe the before.


This is not a joke.  That is really the same kitchen.  Check out the wallpaper.  Take it all in.  How about the creepy clowns on top of the fridge?  And OH MY GOD, that dishwasher!  JUST KIDDING THERE WAS NO DISHWASHER!

Want to see the new dining room which used to be the old family room??

I pretty much love everything about the dining room.  Especially since I finally put down a new floor (Traffic Master Allure).  And of course, the mural never gets old!  Here’s my affiliate link if you want it for yourself – Komar Passion Wall Mural – and they have a bunch of new ones that I was just drooling over for 20 minutes.  

And the before for this room:

FamilyRoom Before

I can’t lie. Except the stained floor, I don’t hate this room.  Although, I’m pretty sure that’s a ghost at the top, just right of center.  

And now we are on to the family room, which has not really been on the blog very much because it has mostly been a disaster for 7 years.  But it’s coming together, sort of. It’s much better than it was, but it’s also still the room I want to do the most to.

This sofa and chair are at the front end of this long and skinny-ish room.  There’s a tv on that wall you can’t see.  IT’S ENORMOUS.

These chaises are toward the rear of the room and face the sofa and chaise which makes this long room a bit cozier.  And yes, that’s a ping pong/air hockey table behind the chaises.  I told you the room was long.  You can also see the little desk that I sit at while I work on this little blog.  Yes, it’s literally the blandest spot in the house with nothing on the wall above it, but I have some inspiration for that little corner.  And it’s colorful.  See below.

And of course, a before for you –


And, lastly, who remembers the bedroom makeover from last year?  Pay no attention to the book page wreath that is also in the living room.  I like to switch things up, okay?  All.The.Time.

I just redid this room for the One Room Challenge last year and it is so very lovely.  To think it used to have twin beds.  In the Master.  

I will be updating the House Tour Page with these new pics and an updated To Do List!  I hope enjoyed your visit to my crazy house!




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