All The Changes Are Happening

If you read regularly (some of you do, right?  I know you do…), you have probably noticed a few changes.  Not a few changes, a frenetic changing of everything everyday.  Ok, maybe somewhere in between those two. Nevertheless, changes are happening, fast and furious.

I recently started the holy grail of blogging courses, Elite Blog Academy.  I’m literally in the 2nd part of the first Unit and it’s already got me thinking about big things and rethinking all of the little things.  Like logos and fonts.  For days.  If you happened to check in every day for the last couple of weeks, you would have likely seen one or more or all of these title images at the top of the page:

And those are the one’s that made it to being published.  I’ve done hundreds that I scrapped before even trying them out.  I’m pretty happy with the current iteration of the header.  For now.  Maybe for a while.  At some point I have to stick with one.  This is probably it.  For at least 6 months.

The biggest change, isn’t the pretty picture/graphic at the top of the page, though. I finally officially changed the website from to  Undercover DIYer is no longer.  RIP.  I thought I was super clever when I picked that name several years ago.  Most people thought the name was strange and couldn’t pronounce it, however.  Not the reaction you want to your blog name.

I’ve been toying with new names for a long time and I finally landed on Lifestyle for Real Life because I would find as I scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest, I was seeing images that seemed like they were taken in some strange blogger land where everything is perfect and expensive and perfectly styled.  It started to feel overwhelming.  It started to make me want to quit this.  I love all things Lifestyle (Food, Home, Clothes, Creativity), but I never felt like I was living up to the expectations I was seeing on social media.  It all seemed out of reach.  It wasn’t Real Life.

I know that I am not the only one who feels like that.  I know there have to be other people out there who are like me. Women that want a beautiful home and want to cook good food and want to be stylish and want to make the stuff they are pinning on Pinterest, but are totally intimidated by the perfection that is popping up in their feeds.  I’m writing to that woman, to you.  I’m going to cook the good food and it’s going to be easy.  I’m going to find the cute clothes and they won’t be expensive.  I’m going to make the DIY decor you’ve been dying to try, and I’m going to show you that you can do it, too.

It’s really what I’ve been doing all along, I just hadn’t named it.  In just the past couple of months, I’ve posted things that fit all of these categories:

DIY Hand Painted Wind Chimes - 7th Grade Class Auction Project

So, dear reader, are you on board?  Are you going to take this trip with me?  Are you going to make something with me?  I hope you do.  I hope I contribute something of worth to you.  I hope you make those Wind Chimes even though they were the most labor intensive thing I’ve ever made.  (If you want something easier/quicker, check out my newly restyled Craft page!!)  In return, I would like to ask you to share the posts that you find interesting.  Pin them, share them, tweet them… Whatever your favorite flavor of social media.  Help me grow this little blog and I will keep writing and creating.  Deal?


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