Pin Trusted or Pin Busted? DIY Grout Cleaner and DIY Home Deodorizer Spray

You know those pins you see on Pinterest all the time?  The one’s that claim to be a miracle fix to the one thing in your life you need a fix for?  Or that claim to have a cheaper solution to your problem and you can find the ingredients right under your sink?  I pin those.  And sometimes, I try them out!  Why? So I can share the results with you.  I call it Pin Trusted or Pin Busted and in this edition, I’m testing hacks for DIY Grout Cleaner and DIY Home Deodorizer Spray.  ***I have included affiliate links in this post for your convenience.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you!  Thank you for supporting Lifestyle for Real Life!***

Pin Trusted or Pin Busted? Do These Popular Hacks Really Work?

DIY Grout Cleaner


Toilet Bowl Bleach Cleaner

Microfiber Cloths (optional, technically, but I LOVE these for cleaning!)

Cleaning grout is something that I want to say I hate doing, but if I say that, it sounds like I *actually* clean grout occasionally, which is simply a lie.  On my list of things to clean, grout is at the way bottom and I never get to the bottom, ever.  I get stuck on the top level cleaning items like, clean the ice cream that spilled and melted all over the floor, put away fifty million things that were taken out today and never put back, clean the kitty litter box…  Those are the cleaning activities that consume my day. But, this hack for cleaning grout is simple and kind of leaves me no excuse for never cleaning grout.  The bleach cleaner you use for cleaning the toilet has the perfect applicator for squeezing onto the grout.  My toilet cleaner was a little runny and didn’t stay right on the grout, but no biggie.  Nothing wrong with bleaching MORE of the floor, amiright?  So, follow the lines of your grout with the toilet cleaner stuff and wait 10-15 minutes.  Not a lot of hard labor involved so far.  Now, the pin I read said that after waiting, simply wipe away the bleach and you’ll have beautiful grout. In my opinion, that was a slight understatement. I used a dampened microfiber cloth to clean the bleach cleaner off the grout lines and it was more of a mild scrubbing action than a wipe to get the grout really clean.  All in all, a very painless way to clean your grout.  Here’s a Before and After:

I know, you can barely tell the difference, right?  My grout is actually not white, I purposely picked a beige color because I knew I would never clean grout.  However, this method did bring the grout back to it’s original clean state even if it is hard to tell in the picture.  If you have white grout, I’m confident that your results would be more drastic than mine.

So?  Pin Busted or Pin Trusted?

Clean your Grout with this DIY Grout Cleaner! I tried it and it worked!!

DIY Home Deodorizer Spray


Gain Fireworks Laundry Booster

Spray Bottle


Something you may not know about me, I have two cats and a bunny that all live in the house with us.  So on top of the smells my husband and children make, I also have the animal smells to contend with.  Just imagine what a bunny cage smells like after a couple of days in 90 degree heat.  It’s not pleasant.  Which means I was totally into this DIY version of home deodorizer spray.  It’s super simple to make.  You get the Gain Crystals, put about a 1/4 cup of them in your water bottle and fill with water.  I let mine sit for a few minutes to let the crytsals dissolve a little.  These things smell fantastic, by the way.  Nice and light and clean laundry-ish.  Then simply spritz about the house.

The Results?

Does this DIY Deodorizer Spray with Gain Crystals work?

Sadly, I can’t recommend this hack.  While I LOVED the smell, the spray itself was simply too watery.  It left wet marks on the floor and I got some on my window and now I have to clean the window.   I’m sticking with Febreze.

So, did you enjoy this edition of Pin Trusted or Pin Busted??  I had a lot of fun trying these two out.  What should I try next??


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