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I didn’t have a great week.  It started when I didn’t have any projects to work on.  I didn’t post on Wednesday.  I was bored, annoyed and feeling a little failure-y.  On Wednesday, though, I got a package.  It was fabric I had ordered a week before.  I had already been second guessing my choice all week, so I was not excited to open it.  Finally, yesterday, I opened it.  I opened it because it had sat there for a couple of days and I was tired of seeing it sitting on the dining room table, not because I was excited to look at it.  As soon as I got that fabric in my hands, I literally went from moping about not wanting to do anything, to almost manically wiping down the giant island in the kitchen so that I could spread this gorgeous fabric out.  THIS IS WHY I DO THIS!  That fabric sprung me out of my malaise and into action!  In 20 minutes I had spread the fabric out, removed the seat bottom to one of my dining room chairs AND I had cut a piece out to give it a test run on the chair.  I think I might have also come up with a genius idea for how to make the fabric somewhat easily removeable so that I can put it in the washing machine occasionally.  More on that next week when I’ve actually tried it out.  For now, here’s some inspiration by:  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.  Thank you for supporting Lifestyle for Real Life!***

Inspiration from

Here is the fabric I chose:
Terrasol Indoor/Outdoor Tetris Ocean

I’ve always been a blue person, but green has been making a place in my heart for a few years now.  This fabric brings both of those together beautifully.

If you’re scared to buy fabric online, let me tell you, I was, too.  Until I ordered from  You can search easily by fabric type, see below:

Once you click on the type of fabric you want, you can then narrow down by many different categories including Color Family, Fabric Type, Usage, Price per Yard and a bunch more.  They really make it almost foolproof.  To get what I was looking for I chose Home Decor fabrics, then narrowed it down by color family, price and usage (upholstery).  The fabric I got is exactly the thickness and feel that I wanted.  It’s thick-ish and feels like it can take some wear and tear from being sat on and gentle cleaning.  This is the second purchase I made from and the first one was just as good.

You even have the opportunity to look at what different fabrics will look like together using the Design Wall feature.  This was important to me because I also have two side chairs in the dining room that will need to be recovered.  So, do I stay in the same color family, or, do I add a pop??

I’m leaning toward a big old pop of color and I absolutely LOVE that floral one.  It’s more expensive, but it’s only two chairs, so overall it wouldn’t be toooo bad.  What do you think??

If you’re still nervous about buying fabric online, they do have an option to purchase a swatch.  That is no where near enough instant gratification for me. I needed my fabric NOW.  Or at least within a week.  Good news, there is a 30 day refund policy with no questions asked (with a couple of exceptions, you can read about those here).

Head on over there and play around!!  Get inspired!

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