3 Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers

So, I think I am officially off my crafting rocker.  I’ve got three adorable Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers for you today and… I’ve named them.  And made up personas for them.  It’s not my fault, they are very cute pumpkins and they just sort of spoke to me.  Have I lost my mind?  I’ll let you decide.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for supporting Lifestyle for Real Life!***

My favorite part about these three pumpkins is that there should be a favorite for everyone. They have three totally different looks and that’s kind of where the idea of naming them came into play.  So, please, let me introduce you.

Meet Angie, the Rocker Chic

She’s brooding and wears a lot of black eyeliner.  She loves anything with gold studs.  Also, apparently, she doesn’t mind having spiders right on her face.  I’d watch out for this one.

Meet Millie, the Sassy Southern Belle

Millie is quick with a smile and holds true to the classic mantra, Big Hair, Don’t Care.  Also, Always Put a Bow On It.  Or a flower in this case.

Meet Ann, the Wall Flower

Ann is a hang-back kind of girl.  She’s not the first girl you spot at the party, but if she catches your eye, you won’t look away.  And her styrofoam skin *almost* looks like snake skin, so perhaps she’s not as demure as she seems.

No need to take a vote on this one.  I am definitely crazy.  I might as well embrace it. I’ll just get to the Tutorials, ok?

3 Dollar Store Makeovers


Dollar Store Pumpkins

Craft Paint – Various colors  – I used Dark Blue (actually I used left over Hale Navy BM Wall Paint on Millie), A greenish color, white and some copper to accent.  I’ve used that copper paint on a thousand projects and I adore it, btw.  Great one to add to your craft stash.

Thumbtacks, gold preferably

Dollar Store Black Roses – They come with the spiders in the bouquet!

Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

Paint your Pumpkin.  The pumpkins took paint much easier than I thought they would.  A couple of coats gave very good coverage.  I also painted each stem with the copper paint.  For Angie, the rocker chic, you could probably get away with not painting, but I was initially doing something totally different with her, so she does have a coat of paint and I do think it helped hide any bare spots.  Give her a coat of the dark blue.  Allow the pumpkins to dry before moving on.

Step 2

Decorate your Pumpkin

For Millie The Sassy Southern Belle Pumpkin

Use the thumbtacks to make a jack-o-lantern face.  Pop a black rose in her hair (stem) and your done.  I used hot glue to attach the rose, but if you leave the stem long enough, you can push it right into the styrofoam.

For Angie The Rocker Chic

Take apart some of your black roses from the dollar store.  You want to basically peel away each individual set of petals.  It’s simple, I promise.  Attach them to the pumpkin using the thumbtacks.  I started off by attaching them through the hole in the middle of the petals, but you will find that you need to do more overlapping and filling in.  This will give you more texture and more opportunity for gold studs (thumbtacks)!  I used about 4 roses to cover Angie completely.  I topped her off with one of the spiders that came with the flowers.  I attached the Spider with hot glue and also pushed it’s little stem into the styrofoam

For Ann The Wallflower

Make a wash with your copper paint.  I basically squeezed a small amount (less than the size of a dime) into a small cup and then added a drop or two of water to thin the paint out.  You want the paint to go on thin so that you can see the green showing through.  It gives that lovely patina look and reminds me of the Statue of Liberty.  I used a small paint brush to wash the thinned out paint onto Ann.

Step 3

Allow to dry.  Actually, Ann is the only one that even needs to dry.  These are really a super quick and fun craft and they make such an amazing difference!

Which one is your favorite?  I have to say I kind of love Angie.  But, I don’t want to make Millie and Ann jealous, so they are all my favorite!  Wait, my doorbell is ringing… Why do those men have nets and funny looking white jackets??

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3 Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers


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