Anthropologie Gift Guide – Under $100

I have some rules for gift giving.  Gifts should always be something that the person really wants, but that they would never buy for themselves.  Either because it is too frivolous, too expensive or because it’s something that they never even knew they wanted in the first place.  For me, Anthropologie always checks one or all of those boxes. They have some super whimsical decor pieces, most everything is expensive and I always seem to find something that I never knew I HAD to have. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to break the bank here. I’m keeping all of my Anthropologie Gift Guide picks under $100.


Clothing is tough for one person to buy for another person.  Especially if that person is a woman.  My choices below should work on most everyone.  But, don’t worry, 99% of women are actually not mad when they get something they have to return. Because that means they get to go shopping.  And they are probably going when things are on sale, so the dollars YOU spent, will go even further.

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Micah Draped Top – $78.00

This top is gorgeous.  That’s obvious.  What’s less obvious is the gorgeous draping and the detailed stitching.  I would wear this on repeat.  Super easy to wear and has that dressed up casual look.  What I’m saying is you will never be either under dressed or over dressed in this top.  Unless you go to galas.

Slide View: 1: Shining Turtleneck Tunic

Shining Turtleneck Tunic – $68.00

This tunic is one of those things that everyone wants to buy for themselves but they figure they can get something similar at Target or Old Navy and spend less money.  And that’s probably true.  BUT!  You won’t get the quality of this tunic.  Or it’s great lines.  With Anthro, it’s all in the details.  There’s just the right amount of shimmer, a perfect side slit and a totally classic shape.

Affiliate Pin - Slide View: 1: Stateside Twisted Sweatshirt

Stateside Twisted Sweatshirt – $98.00

$98.00 for a sweatshirt?  I’m nuts, right?  BUT, imagine if this was the sweatshirt you wore when you rolled out of bed to take your kid to school/hockey/soccer?  Instead of the oversized, stained hoodie you left on the floor the night before because you never took it off after school/hockey/soccer?  Would you feel a smidge better about yourself at the end of the day? If the answer is really no for you, then don’t buy the sweatshirt.  If the answer is yes, I would feel better about myself if I had this on because I cared enough about myself to spend a little money on me and the way I look is important to me… then buy the sweatshirt.  Ok?  Guilt free.  Or buy it for your sister/wife/best mom friend.

Slide View: 1: Josie Floral Blouse

Josie Floral Blouse – $88.00

There is a lot of special happening here.I love the print, I love the cut, I love the tie on the side.  I love that with as much special-ness that is happening here, you can still throw this on with jeans.  And be the chic-est mom on the dang block.

Home Decor

I think Anthropologie is even more beloved for their home style.  It’s classic/bohemian/whimsy all at once and in perfect balance.  I’m a huge believer in function over form and beauty resting on utility, but when you can have the utility with some serious beauty, you have achieved gift giving greatness.

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Agate Cheese Board – $78.00

A cheese board is a great gift because no one ever really buys a cheese board. Everyone only ever ends up with a cheese board because someone gifted it to them.  Because, in reality, you can put cheese on your cutting board and pretend it’s a cheese board. Which means, if you’re going to give someone a cheese board, it better be a fan-freakin-tastic cheese board.  Look no further.  Seriously, because it’s in the picture above.  An Agate cheese board.  It’s a piece of art you can eat cheese off of.  I hope you have someone special enough in your life to gift this to.  Don’t you want to be the person that person thinks of every time they eat cheese?

Slide View: 1: Pommed Plaid Throw Blanket

Pommed Plaid Throw – $78.00

If you’re not really sure what to get for a certain someone that you want to get something nice for, but you don’t really know what they like, then go with this throw.  It’s a lot of bang for your buck and also it has pom poms.  There is not a person in the history of earth that doesn’t like pom poms.  As a side note, I love how Anthropologie has called this a “Pommed” throw.  They made a verb out of pom pom.  Well played.

Shop the Zodiac Trinket Dish and more Anthropologie at Anthropologie today. Read customer reviews, discover product details and more.

Zodiac Trinket Dish – $14.00

I have a tip for you.  If you need to buy something similar for a large group of women, like if you’re a boss and you have women who work for you, or if you’re a mom and you have a bunch of female teachers to buy something for… and you want to get something that will be sort of unique to each of them AND not spend a ridiculous amount of money, then you should get each of those women one of these zodiac trinket dishes.  They are gorgeous and they say, I put enough effort into this gift choice to actively find out when your birthday is.  And, hey, there’s really no reason a guy wouldn’t like this dish either.  They need a place to put their spare change, too.

Slide View: 1: Monogram Lidded Jewelry Box

Monogrammed Lidded Jewelry Box – $14.00

These jewelry boxes are along the same thought process as the Zodiac dishes.  They are personalized which is always a win and they are functional and beautiful.  It’s everything you want in a gift.  And it’s 14 bucks.  Make sure you get the Anthro gift box to wrap it up in.

Slide View: 2: Goddess Print

Goddess Print – $48.00 – $88.00

Here are my honest thoughts on these Goddess Prints as a gift.  I can see myself getting one of these for my daughter, who has just turned 13 and is starting to discover who she is as a human woman.  I picture my daughter making up a story about her goddess and being inspired by that story and the goddess print. I see her bringing this with her to college, reframing it for her first apartment and then hanging it in her bedroom when she buys her first house.  Do you see what we’re spending our money on here?


You’re thinking, wait, aren’t all of these things gifts?  Yes, but this gift title here is a code for “these are the things you should buy when you have to get a gift for someone that you have no CLUE on earth what to get for them”.  You know who those people are in your life.

Slide View: 1: Mattie Plaid Scarf

Matte Plaid Scarf – $78.00

This scarf is so luxurious.  It’s expensive, but it totally looks expensive, too.  I love the colors, I love the texture.  I love that it is big, but it’s not blanket scarf proportions, so little people won’t be completely swallowed up by it.  So pretty.

Slide View: 1: Jovana Frame

Jovana Frame – $24.00 – $28.00

This frame is pretty and dainty and it has so many great colors against that creamy background that you can’t really go wrong with it.  It’s going to “go” in pretty much any room.  If you can personalize this with a picture of the giftee, you will win Christmas (or birthday or Hanukkah or other gift giving occasion).

Slide View: 1: Pommed Berkshire Gloves

Pommed Berkshire Glove – $32.00

Winter is the worst.  Everything is gray and gross.  I specifically like these gloves because of their unexpected color. There’s a movie, or something, that they remind me of where it’s almost entirely black and white with little pops of a special color here and there.  This what these gloves will do.  Your drab grey coat will love it when you wear these gloves.

Affiliate Pin - Slide View: 1: Delicate Monogram Necklace

Delicate Monogram Necklace – $38.00

Ok, if you can only buy one thing from this list and you can’t spend over $40, buy one of these precious necklaces.  They are so sweet and delicate.  They will work on any age and with any wardrobe.  This might be my Christmas present to myself.  This is the necklace you could wear every day.

Alright, I hope you checked some boxes on your shopping list!  I know I would be thrilled if I opened any of these pieces on my special day.

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