11 Cool (and warm) Winter Coats from H&M

Last year I finally had to give up my super warm winter coat that had gotten me through many cold Northeast winters.  I wore that coat every day of the winter and you could tell.  It was so warm and cozy, though, that it got me to not really hate winter that much.  Now that we are almost into December, I need to hurry up and get a new toasty winter coat so that the winter chill never reaches my bones.  I started browsing at H&M and I found 11 cool (and warm) winter coats.  ***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission!***

Black. Padded jacket with a lined, padded, faux fur-trimmed hood. Stand-up collar, wind flap at front with zip and snap fasteners, and diagonal side pockets

Padded Jacket – $49.99

This one is my favorite of the eleven winter coats I found.  Well, actually, let me revise this.  It is the one I will be most likely to buy.  I like the look of it; it sort of tapers in a little.  I also love the faux fur hood and the gold accents.  It’s the most like my old coat that kept me warm for so many winters, so it is a very likely contender.  HOWEVER, it’s not the “coolest” coat here.  There are some coats on this list that are funky, but not so funky that you couldn’t wear it to the pick up line at your kids elementary school.  Know what I’m saying?

Black. Oversized, padded jacket in woven fabric with a padded hood. Concealed snap fasteners at front, dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and side pockets.

Padded Jacket with Hood – $39.99

I love a bright color in the middle of the winter.  The world gets dreary and gray around December and it feels good to have a pop of color wherever you go.  I love that the hood on this is thoughtfully made and sort of incorporated into the coat itself instead of just hanging down in the back.

Black/checked. Short, gently fitted coat in woven fabric. Small stand-up collar, side pockets, and no buttons. Lined.

Short Coat – $79.99

Sometimes you just can’t wear a puffy coat.  If you have somewhere you need to go that is slightly more dressy, like a client meeting, or church or lunch with your lady friends at a fancier restaurant, then you need something that says “I’m a GROWN UP!”.  I love this coat because it does say that, but the oversized plaid is still sort of playful.  It’s not a completely stuffy coat.

Silver-colored. Padded jacket with a high stand-up collar. Zip and wind flap at front with snap fasteners, side-seam pockets, and concealed drawstring at

Padded Jacket – Silver – $59.99

And in stark contrast to the grown up coat above stands this funky silver puffer jacket.   This is the coat you where to throw snowballs at your kids when it snows.  This is an attention grabber.  This coat is maybe not for everybody, but it is exactly right for some people.  You need to be sort of that fashion forward mom in the group to pull this guy off, which is why I won’t be buying it, but you know that woman in your group who could rock this.  She probably wears aviators.

Black. Lightweight jacket with a high stand-up collar, zip at front, and side pockets. Lined. Fill: 90% down and 10% feathers.

Lightweight Down Coat – $49.99 (on sale 11/25 from $69.99)

I really love the look of this coat.  It sort of sleek and it’s a little more interesting than the average winter puffy coat because of those angled lines.  And, it’s down, so even though it’s lightweight, it will still be warm.  It’s not the coat I would get for the coldest of cold days, but it would be great when you need something that is not cumbersome, but warm.  Like, perhaps, for a walk in the woods on, say, a March day.

Light gray. Short, padded parka in woven fabric with a sheen. Lined hood with wide faux fur trim, zip and wind flap at front with concealed snap fasteners,

Padded Parka – $49.99 – on sale 11/25/17 from $59.99

This baby blue color is a little unexpected for winter and I like that.  And the hood on this one, it’s pretty fantastic.  I love a good faux fur hood.  Hey, quick tip, don’t put a coat with a faux fur hood in the dryer.  You won’t be happy when it comes out.  Trust me, I’ve done it.

Khaki green. Gently fitted coat in thick, felted fabric. High collar, metal buttons at front, shoulder tabs with metal buttons, and welt side pockets. Lined

Coat – Khaki Green – $29.99 (on sale 11/25/2017 from $49.99)

This coat is one of my favorites.  I love the military look, I love the gold buttons.  I love the price!  It’s on sale right now for $29.99.  My favorite part of this coat is that cute collar.  I actually own this coat in a different color and it’s not the coat you wear on the coldest day of the year, but it is fairly warm.  It’s a great coat to wear when it’s cold out, but you have to go to the mall or Target and you don’t want to be sweating while you’re shopping.

Black. Long, padded jacket with a sheen. Detachable padded hood, stand-up collar, and zip and wind flap at front with snap fasteners. Handwarmer pockets

Padded Jacket – $199

Now this is the coat you wear on the coldest day of the year.  It’s a perfect balance between warm and functional and cool and stylish.  This is the coat you wear to your kids hockey games and to stand outside the school to pick up your child where there is a wind tunnel and you feel like the liquid surrounding your eyeballs is going to freeze and that this really is the end for you.  This is that coat.

Beige. Short coat in soft pile with notched lapels, concealed snap fasteners at front, and side pockets. Lined.

Short Pile Coat – $79.99

Here’s another slightly dressed up coat for you to wear when you’re feeling a teeny bit fancy. This is a little vintage looking and a little Bohemian looking.  Bohemian is hard to pull off in a winter coat.

Green. Padded parka in woven fabric with a faux fur-lined hood with detachable, foldover faux fur trim. Zip and wind flap at front with concealed snap

Padded Parka – $44.99 on sale 11/25/17 from $79.99

This might be the coat I buy for the winter.  It’s a little longer which is important to me because I like to have something that is long enough that when I sit down in the car in the morning, my butt is not coming into direct contact with the freezing cold car seat.  I like the drawstring waist on this guy, too.  And the hood is gorgeous, of course.  And that sale price is pretty awesome.  I might have to add this to the cart right now.  It also comes in a few different colors, if khaki green isn’t your thing.

Leopard print. Jacket in soft faux fur with notched lapels, concealed snap fasteners at front, and side pockets. Lined.

Faux Fur Jacket – $119

Oh, I totally saved the very best for last!  How awesome is this faux leopard coat?  This is for your fancy Christmas party and New Year’s Eve coat.  Or, if you can pull it off, wear it every day.  Some people can.  If you have a $119 hanging around and you can’t think of a thing to do with it, but this coat.  I love this thing so very much.  It’s obviously not the most practical thing in the world, but it’s pretty awesome.

Alright, what’s your favorite?  Anyone want to vote on which one (or two) I should get??

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