The 10 Best Ikea Hacks

I am lucky enough to live about 6 minutes away from an Ikea. I have lots of Ikea items in the house.  Big things like sofas and small things like forks.  But somehow Ikea hacks have escaped me.  I’ve always kept things as is.  It seems like fun to make an Ikea item my own, though, so I’ve gone looking for inspiration and I’ve found the 10 Best Ikea Hacks on the internet.

The 10 Best Ikea Hacks - Check these easy Ikea Hacks to make your Ikea products uniquely yours!

When my kids were little, Ikea was our indoor playground.  We’d go and they would play house in the rooms that Ikea has to display their stuff.  We’d have lunch, eat a cinnamon roll. And I got to be in Ikea!  That’s a win all around.

Now that they are older, I get to go by myself which is even more fun for me!  AND, because I live so close, I can go on Tuesday night at 7pm when no one else is there and I basically have the store to myself.

When I’m there by myself, I can spend extra time day dreaming about what I want and all the Ikea hacks I could do.  But sometimes my imagination needs some help, so the ikea hacks I found will provide that.


10 Best Ikea Hacks I’m Dying to Try

Before I show you my favorites, I should make it clear.  A good ikea hack, in my opinion, doesn’t take a ton of skill.  You won’t see hacks here that require any special tools or abilities.  Like, saws or carpentry.  I don’t mess around with either of those things, so these hacks should be for the average, unskilled DIYer.


SULTAN LADE Ikea Hack from ICH Designer

Ikea Hack Wall Organizer


I adore this Ikea Hack of the Sultan Lade bed support from ICH Designer.  First, think about the imagination it took to go, “Imma put that bed support on the wall and create some vertical space in my office”.  Genius.

And does it ever create vertical space.  Look at all of the things that could be UP and off of your desk and yet, still neatly available to you.  Real estate is expensive and this hack is giving you some desk real estate back.  A lot of it.

There’s nothing particularly fancy here.  There’s information on what materials you’ll need to get this accomplished if you click over to ICH Designer.  There are also pictures of lots of different ways you can use this as storage for all kinds of different things.


Ikea Hack Table from EmerJa

Ikea Hack Table


This little table from EmerJa is so adorable.  It started out as a stool, some magazine holders and a basket.  Now, it’s a totally unique side table.

I love this Ikea hack because it’s totally customizeable.  If you’re not into that checkerboard pattern, figure out a different pattern you are into.  A stencil would be great here.

Another excellent bonus of this table, plenty of small storage.  You can put ALL of your clickers in there!  (Clickers are remotes for all of the people that didn’t grow up in my house).


Ikea Rolling Cart to Homework Station from Life’s Carousel

Ikea Hack - Rolling Cart to Homework Station

Sasha from Life’s Carousel had the brilliant idea of creating a rolling homework station out of this Ikea rolling cart.  These carts are SUPER popular and I’ve seen them hacked into lots of different things, but the portable homework station is one of my favorites.

Homework isn’t fun. But, most kids love a cart like this.  It’s cute, it rolls, it has fun stuff in it. If it motivates them in anwyay to get that homework done, then I am 100% onboard with that.

Sasha has a great list of supplies you should include in your homework station and she even customized her cart with some washi tape.

Final thought on this.  When the kids no longer need a homework cart, I’ve seen this thing hacked into a rolling mini bar. Just sayin.  In fact, maybe just buy two carts.  One for homework and one for your drinks.  For those nights when helping with the math homework was just a little too stressful.

Ikea Stool to Pretty Plant Stand from The Ordinary Lovely

Ikea Hack - Stool to Plant Stand


Finding a good plant stand that isn’t metal is tough.  Repurposing this Ikea stool is an excellent idea from The Ordinary Lovely.

An Ikea  Hack that basically just involves paint is right up alley.  Now, that top stair is tiled, but, there are excellent instructions in the tutorial for how to do that.  And you don’t have to use a scary saw.  There’s a tile cutter that works just fine.

Watercolor Wall Hanging from Pauls Vera

Ikea Hack - Watercolor Wall Hanging


I’m a huge fan of large scale art for a big empty wall.  But I’m not a huge fan of how expensive it can be to find something big enough to FILL that empty space.

This ikea hack from PaulsVera is perfect. Ikea has lots of different textiles and fabrics that can be converted fairly easily into a wall hanging or attached to a canvas with minimal effort.

I really like the idea of attaching the fabric to wood strips to give the bottom some weight so that the fabric hangs well.  And the added touch of a leather hanger is a nice pop of style.

You’ll love these Ikea Wall Decor Ideas, too!


VITTSJO TV Unit to Chic Bench from Dwellings by Devore


This Ikea hack from Dwellings by Devore has turned a tv stand into super chic end of the bed bench.

If you just googled the VITTSJO tv unit and realized that the top “shelf” is glass, don’t worry.  The tutorial shows you how to remedy this. You will not be perched precariously on glass.

That fabric is awesome.  I want all the things in that pattern.  So fun, but still kinda classy.  Right?

Painted Basket from Tell Love & Party

Ikea Hack - Painted Basket

How fun is this little basket from Tell Love & Party? I love it. So bright and cheerful.

Of course, the paint colors are what make it bright and cheerful, so depending on your craft paint choices, you could get a calm and peaceful basket, too.

And useful.  Baskets are the disorganized persons best friend.  Just throw all your clutter into cute baskets and you’re good. That’s how organizing works, right??


Ikea Bookcases to Lockers from Little House of Four

Ikea Hack - Ikea bookcases to lockers

This Ikea Hack from Little House of Four which turns a bookcase into lockers is possibly my favorite.  It’s such a great finished product and I love those graphic numbers on each door.

I know what you are thinking though.  That must have required a saw!  It does.  HOWEVER, you can bring your measurements to Home Depot and they will cut the wood for you! No fingers lost.  Win for everyone.

This one is definitely the biggest project but arguably it has the biggest impact, doesn’t it? It’s only real competition is the wall art above, but this project has the added benefit of storage, so I have to give the lockers the edge.

Looking for more farmhouse style ikea ideas?

Ikea Hyallis Shelf Hack from Blonde Boss Babe

Ikea Hack Shelf


This Hyallis shelf from Ikea got a major upgrade from Blond Boss Babe.  That’s a whole lotta style added with very minimal effort.

This glamorous Ikea hack uses two of my favorite DIY staples:  spray paint and contact paper.  You’d be surprised what magic those two products can make.

This is another project that’s totally customizeable, too. Switch the gold spray paint for yellow or blue and change out the marbled contact paper for a floral or a geometric pattern and you’ve got a completely different look.


Ikea Bookcase to Window Bench with Storage from Mommy Vignettes

ikea hack - bookcase to bench


This project, a storage bench from an Ikea bookcase, has been on my to do list forever.  Some day, I will totally do it. But I have to admit the staple gun scares me a tiny bit.  It’s so LOUD!

Mommy Vignettes nailed this Ikea hack.  You start with a simple bookcase, which is fine on it’s own.  But turn it on it’s side and add some legs and now you suddenly have extra seating!  Under a window!  Who doesn’t love that?

And don’t forget about all of that storage.  Do you know how much craft junk I could fit in that thing.  I know exactly where I would put that and exactly what I would put in it.

So there you have it!  Those are my 10 favorite Ikea hacks. Which do you love?  Which did I forget to include?  Which one should I TRY???  I want to know.  Please leave me a comment!

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