9 Macrame Projects That Are Perfect for Beginners

When you were a kid, did you love to untangle knotted up necklaces?  I did.  I liked that feeling of concentration and fiddling something until it was released from the tangled mess.  If you’re like me, then you may want to try a Macrame Project.

They are just like untangling the necklace, except exactly the opposite.  You’re tying knots into pretty patterns that can be as functional as they are beautiful.

I can remember my Mom doing Macrame projects, actually.  Or, I don’t remember seeing her do them, but I remember it was a thing.  She would take a class and come home with a Macrame plant hanger.

I actually sort of forgot that until just now.  My mom has always been into crafts.  She knits, the crochets, she used to do Macrame and I also remember that she made one of those hooked rug wall hangings for my room when I was little.  Raggedy Ann and Andy if I remember correctly.

So my mom is a Maker and now I am, too. I know she does it to relax and pass the time and I wish I could say the same.  Actually, I think I kind of do it for the opposite reasons.  I do it for the challenge and because I need time to stop for 30 minutes.

So next up for me is a Macrame Project. I’ve seen lots of gorgeous tutorials that I think I can tackle.  Maybe you should, too!

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Macrame Projects to Pass the Time, or Make it Stop

There are some really elaborate macrame projects. Giant wall hangings, intricate lace-like window curtains.   I’m not starting there.  Because I’ve learned my lesson about biting off more than I can chew. They are all perfect for a Bohemian Bedroom, by the way.

I’m starting with more simple beginner projects.  Because I am a beginner and the beginning is the best place to learn.

Simple Macrame Wall Hanging from Decor Hint

If you really want to start with a super simple Macrame project, this is the one for you.  This wall hanging from Decor Hint is easy as pie.

It actually only uses one knot and the rest is just some cute beads and a pretty flower. Simple boho wall decor.

But it makes a statement, though doesn’t it?  I love this for a sweet baby girl nursery.

Easy Macrame Garland from Cuckoo 4 Design

This pretty macrame garland from Cuckoo 4 Design is so full of style.  I love it layered over the rattan basket.  All the soft and hard textures happening are great.

This would look great hung on the wall or over the fireplace, too. Or sort of swooped over the bed.  So pretty.

Did you notice that big macrame feather on the other plant?  There’s a link coming up for that, too!

Tiny Macrame Plant Holder from Think Make Share Blog

Did you think Macrame was always white?  Not so.  I love this tiny plant holder from Think Make Share blog.

I love it for its color and I love it for its tininess and I would put a fake little tiny plant in it so that I keep up my streak of 723 days of no plants killed.

You could probably think of something other than a plant to put in there.  If you think of something, let me know.  Because nothing is coming to me. Except maybe a tangerine would fit in there.

DIY Macrame Curtains from A Beautiful Mess

DIY macrame curtain

Macrame is one of those things that transports you to another time and place. While it’s definitely gotten a great modern update, it still has that 70’s vibe and more than just being from the 70’s, it’s very Bohemian and relaxed.

This DIY Macrame curtain from a Beautiful Mess looks totally appropriate and modern in this kitchen, but it’s a very particular point of view.

If you go to someone’s house and they have that curtain, you know a little something about them immediately, I think.  I mean that in a very good way.

Macrame Feathers from Cuckoo 4 Design

Here are those Macrame Feathers I promised from Cuckoo 4 Design.  How great are they?

The dark gray one really catches my eye.  I may have to grab some cording in that color.

These are great as purse tassels, but there are a million ways to use these to jazz up a boring spot in your house.

Macrame Plant Hanger from Hey Lila Hey

This pretty macrame plant hanger from Hey Lila Hey is very much like the one my mom made all of those years ago.  It seems like it would defy physics that that would hold up a plant, doesn’t it?

Every time I look at a project that involves plants I want to buy a plant.  I cannot do it.  I know what will happen if I go down that road again.

It will not end well for the plant.  I must spare it.

Macrame Coasters from Curly Made

These Macrame Coasters from Curly Made are my favorite project of the bunch.  I can feel those coasters in my hand.  I can feel my coffee mug landing softly on one.

I love these.  They are just perfect.

Those are definitely on the “to make” list.

Macrame Necklace from Lia Griffith

This macrame necklace from Lia Griffith is a great place to start your Macrame adventures.

It’s adorable and it’s a great necklace for summer.  It has a definite summer vibe to me.

I like these smaller scale projects because they don’t take a lot of time or materials.  If you mess up, no harm in starting over!

Macrame Key Chains from Think Make Share Blog

Last but most definitely not least are these super cute keychains from Think Make Share Blog.  I love the color that is incorporated into these and if I made them, I would most definitely use beads on them.

Why, you ask?

Because it will be so much easier to identify my keys when they are hiding in the bottom of my bag, of course.

Want to Learn Macrame from the Pros?

Then you should check out Creative Bug. They have AMAZING macrame tutorials and tons and tons of other craft ideas!

Now What?

Let’s go tie some knots!  Which one is your favorite?  Did your mom do Macrame when you were a kid?  Let’s make one and show our daughters and sons and see if they remember when they are 44.

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