11 Colorful Projects You Can Make with Paint Chips

When you were little did you love going to the hardware store and stealing one of each of the paint chip sample things?  I did.

I think partly because I loved color and partly because I thought I was actually stealing and that was kind of fun.

I remember thinking, “What can I do with all of these beautiful colors?”.  But there was no internet then and I’m not really super creative when it comes to making up ideas for crafts, so they probably just hung out in a drawer in my room.

But not anymore!  Now we have blogs and Pinterest and there is countless inspiration for what to do with paint chip samples!

I picked my favorites and I’m sharing them with you!

What To Do With Those Paint Chip Samples You’ve Been Collecting

I have 11 super cute ideas that are easy and inexpensive, especially since we’re getting the five finger discount on the paint chip samples.

I’m kidding. You’re not stealing the paint chip samples.  They are there for the taking.  The paint people are probably having fits about all the ladies who love Pinterest who just grab them by the handful, though.

Rainbow Hearts Wall Decor from iHeart Organizing


I love the idea of making something that looks expensive out of very inexpensive items.  This rainbow themed mini gallery from iHeart Organizing achieves just that.

As we know, the paint chips are free, of course.  You can use very inexpensive Ikea frames, or even thrift store frames and the only other thing you might need is a heart shaped cutter and some glue.

I love rainbow because I love color, but you could switch up the colors to go with whatever homes palette is.

Paint Sample Coasters from 645 Workshop


I have to tell you the truth.  I don’t use coasters.  I’m not a “coaster” kind of gal.

But if I had a table that I loved and didn’t want the sweat from my glass to ruin it, I would probably make these paint sample coasters from 645 Workshop.

I love the colors they’ve chosen.  These are kind of manly.  There aren’t a lot of fun manly DIY’s on Pinterest.  Great gift for Father’s day, actually.

Ombre Paint Chip Earrings from The Thinking Closet

Oh, earrings from Paint Chips?  The Thinking Closet wins for most creative use of paint chips.  Hands down.

You know what is genius about this idea?  Imagine how light those earrings are?

It would be like they were made of… well, paper.  Because they are.

Paint Chip Notepads from Craft Gossip


I think of all of the projects on this list, these paint chip notepads from Craft Gossip is the project I want to make.

First of all, it’s a notebook and of course I have a notebook fetish as do most women who are chronically disorganized do.

Second, they are adorable and functional.  My two favorite things in crafting.

Modern Wall Art from Dispatches from the Desert


This is pretty fancy modern art from Dispatches from the Desert.  It’s very Kandinsky, right?

Yes, I had to google it.  I mean, in my head, I was like, “that’s a knock off Kandinsky, I think”.  But I had to google it to be sure.

My Art History teacher will be proud that I remembered that 20 years later.

Well, don’t tell Kandinsky, but this pretty art was achieved with free paint chips cut into circles and glue into a frame.

DIY Paint Chip Art from Style Smaller


Let’s be real for a second.  While I adore this giraffe with her baby, I can tell you right now I probably could not ever make it.

It’s so darn adorable though, I couldn’t leave it off the list.

But that is a lot of tiny circles to both cut and place. If you have the patience of saint, however, you should definitely check out the tutorial from Style Smaller.

Paint Chip Mobile from Kollabora


This paint chip mobile from Kollabora kind of reminds me of my DIY Hand Painted Wind Chimes.  Except the paint chip mobile is probably way easier and more economical.

More circles cut from paint chips here and hung from a piece of wood.  I would love to see this done with a birch branch though.

Maybe I should do that.  Hang it in the office, perhaps?

Paint Chip Calendar from DIY Projects


More form meeting function with this colorful paint chip calendar from DIY Projects.

Calendars are akin to the hoarded notebooks that all the disorganized women love.  You can never have enough calendars, right?

How else can you ensure that no two calendars are completely accurate if you don’t have 10 of them lying around and only occasionally write in each of them?

Geometric Art from Chica & Jo


Paint chips might be the hardest working and most underpaid workers in the craft world.

Here’s yet another gorgeous piece of art from Chica & Jo made from the humble paint chip.

The geometric motif keeps these nice and fresh looking.  And straight lines are so easy to cut.

Paint Chip Bookmarks from Mama Miss

I have officially given up actual books, much to the dismay of my daughter.  I’m 100% Kindle reader.  I know it’s controversial.  Can you believe I’m actually saying it out loud?  All of the “real book” people will boycott.

But if I still read “real books” I would make these cute paint chip bookmarks from Mama Miss, for sure.

Maybe I’ll make some for my daughter.  As a peace offering as we are on opposite sides of the “electronic book” v “real book” battle.

 Popsicle Party Invitations from So Festive

Need some free party invitations?  Or practically free as you may need to buy the popsicle sticks for these cute party invitations from So Festive.

These are so perfect for a summer cookout or a summer kids birthday party.

You can really set the tone for what kind of a super awesome party you’re going to be throwing with the invitations.  These invites say, “Store bought? Not for this special party!  This is a handmade, unique kind of party!”.

Or something like that.

Now What?

Let’s go dress all incognito and go to the hardware store and pretend we’re being bad as we swipe a bunch of paint chips!

Who am I kidding, even if I’m actually there for paint chips because I need paint, I still freeze as I start to pick through them.  “Am I taking too many?”  “How much do these cost to print anyway?”  “How many TREES DIED FOR THESE PAINT CHIPS?”

Well, at least we’ll put them to good use, right?  Which project is your favorite?  What are you making?  What did I miss that is the best ever Paint Chip Art Project?

If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put a Pin In It!

11 Stunning Crafts to Make with Paint Chips. Making art doesn't have to be difficult or expensive! Try one of these colorful projects made with paint chip samples from the hardware store!


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