Thanks, I made it!

Let's find your inner creative, shall we?

I Have a confession to make

When I started Lifestyle for Real Life, I had no clue about crafting.  I just knew I wanted to make stuff that I could use as decor around the house.  

So, I started making things.  And people would come to my house and say, “Oh, I love that wreath!” and I would say, “Thanks!  I made it!”.  There are few things in life that I find more satisfying than that.  

I want you to have that feeling, too!  So, I’ve pulled together my 10 favorite projects for you so you can get started making stuff.

You can download Tutorials for my 10 favorite crafts here!

What's in the download?

You’ll get easy to follow instruction for each project, including pictures and links to some materials.  Also, you might laugh on occasion.  Because I make ALL the crafting mistakes so you don’t have to!  And then I share those hairbrained stories with you.  That’s just an added bonus, on the house. 

Here are the 10 Projects you’ll get tutorials for:

DIY Simple Spring Wreath

How To Paint With Sharpies & Alcohol

Felted Soap Tutorial

Marbled Clay Trinket Dishes

DIY Ombre Wind Chimes

DIY Monogram Necklace

DIY Custom Photo Candles

DIY Exfoliating Soap

DIY Plaster Dipped Dollar Store Flowers

Easy Watercolor Art

You can make those pretty flowers. It's not hard!

Those are plaster dipped dollar store flowers. Easy and cheap. Glue them to an ugly picture frame or mirror. STUNNING!

Have you even heard of felted soaP?

Well, it's in the download and it's AMAZING! It will make a great Handmade Gift if you're into that. And you should be into that.

My Craft Promise

I refuse to make anything that I do not deem pretty AND useful. So I promise, no crap that will just collect dust, ok?

STart making stuff!

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