My Keto Life

About a year ago, I was a 42 year old, moderately overweight woman.  I carried 148lbs on my tiny 5’2″ frame.  I’m aware that that doesn’t sound particularly heavy, but, as a frame of reference, I was 108 lbs when I got married at 27.  So, I had gained 40lbs since then and was coasting towards having gained 50 pounds.

Have you ever picked up something that weighs 40lbs?  Perhaps a small child? Do you think you would like to carry that child around every day?  I know I would not.

When I weighed 148 lbs, I felt shitty in every way that you can feel shitty. I had been a gymnast my whole young life.  An athletic, fit young person with the kind of shape everyone wants to have.  I never felt the feeling of not having confidence in the way I looked and then, suddenly, I did. That felt particularly shitty.

I also felt physically shitty.  I was achy, every day.  My feet and knees would hurt so much in the morning that I would worry that if there were a fire in the house, I would be not physically able to go rescue my kids.  (I didn’t actually know then that changing my eating habits would fix that problem, but it did).

I was tired all the time.  And I just wasn’t very happy.  I don’t know why, or even if, the keto diet changed that for me, but something changed a year ago when my keto life began.  I was sitting with my husband one day, maybe a month or two into the diet and we were laughing about something and he turned to me and said, “You laugh more now”.

Maybe I just felt better about myself because I was starting to slim down and my aches were gone.  Or maybe there was a change in my brain.  The Keto diet was actually created to help kids with epilepsy, so the change in my brain is entirely possible.

I’ve been chronicling the changes I’ve made and the things I have learned about the keto diet and I’ve collected all of those stories for you here.  If you’d like to hear what the Keto Diet is like for a normal Mom who is now a Keto Life convert and will never go back to eating the old way, regardless of whether I lose another pound, (I’ve lost 25!), then take a look through the articles below.

If you want the nitty gritty, how do I get started on this diet, then check out Keto Bootstrap.  Keto Bootstrap has the why’s and how’s and the recipes and the meal plans you’ll need to get started.  There are even work out plans and an entire community of Keto dieters to connect with!

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