Self Care

The Perfect Self Care Activity for Creatives: Crafts

One of the things I've learned as I've begun this "Self Care" path is that I've actually been doing self ...
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Self Care Ideas for Crazy Busy Women

You can google Self Care ideas and get all of the suggestions in the world.  BUT, I like my tips ...
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Self Care Quotes That Aren’t Lame

If you read my post about What Is Self Care then you know I have a less, let's say, mystical idea ...
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Self Care Tips for People Who Aren’t into Self Care

Admittedly, I've come at this whole "self care" journey from the wrong angle.  I'm not a sensitive, touchy feely type ...
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What is Self Care?

I'm adding a new topic to the blog.  Self Care. Why am I doing this?  Well for starters, I had ...
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Self Care and Setting Boundaries for Women

Did you ever have a toddler?  Or a teenager, for that matter?  You know what their favorite word is?  No ...
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