Stitch Fix Reviews

Are you thinking about trying Stitch Fix?  I have and I love it.  Here are all the details, including Stitch Fix Reviews.

Have you thought about trying Stitch Fix, but you're not really sure what it's about or who it's right for? I've got all the details for as well as a couple of reviews of the Stitch Fixes I've gotten!

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal style service.  I was 100% skeptical when I first heard about it.  I’m short, I’m curvy, finding something that fits me right is like finding a unicorn.

So when I read about filling out a survey about my body type and my clothing preferences and then leaving shopping in the hands of an online personal stylist, I thought, no way this will work for me.  How could an internet stranger know what would fit me better than me?

But I tried it anyway and lucky for me, I was wrong!  I’m not a shopper.  I don’t like looking for clothes, I don’t like trying things on in a dressing room, I don’t like the horrible feeling of handing everything back to the dressing room attendant because, sorry, nothing fit.

Stitch Fix solves all of those problems.

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

When you first start with Stitch Fix, you’re going to fill out an on-line profile.  It’s going to include things like your sizes that you normally wear (not just size 8 or M, they want to know preferred inseam lenght, bust size, all that).  They ask you about what parts of your body your comfortable flaunting and which parts you’d like to downplay.  They go over fit body type, preferences and style.

The even ask for your social media handles so they can see what kind of things you’re liking.  So if you have a Pinterest board with outfit inspiration, you can send them that.  There’s also a place to leave your stylist a note, so go crazy in that spot with any specifics you’re needing.  If you’ve got an event coming up and you need a dress, let her know.  If you’re like me and you have plenty of jeans that you love, then you can specify no jeans.

Once you’re ready to schedule your first Fix, your personal stylist will review what you’ve submitted and pick 5 items to send to your home to try on.  You get three days to choose what you love and they send you a postage paid bag to send back whatever you don’t want.

What Can I Expect to Get?

You’re going to get 5 items in your Fix.  There is a wide range of apparel that you could potentially get.  Clothes, Outerwear, Jewelry, Handbags and even Shoes.  If there’s a category you don’t want them to send, maybe you’ve got all the jewelry you need, then there’s a checklist of things for your Stylist to avoid.

In my profile, I’ve checked off all of the accessories as things to avoid, but I may switch that up next time and ask for a pair of shoes to be sent.

Is Stitch Fix Expensive?

It’s not cheap.  There is a $20 styling fee that is charged before you get your Fix.  While you’re filling out your profile, you’ll be asked about what price ranges you’re comfortable with.

I go with “The cheaper, the better” and the items I’ve gotten are usually in the $40-$50 dollar range.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.

If you keep all of your items, you get a 25% discount on everything and your $20 styling fee is applied as a credit toward whatever you purchase.

You will find cheaper clothes at discount stores, for sure.  However, the convenience of not having to leave my house, the quality that I get in the clothing is well worth it for me.  The brands that I’ve received, I’ve found sold at stores like Nordstrom, so consider that your benchmark for the quality.

Stitch Fix Reviews

Here’s the low down on what I have received and what I’ve thought of the items I’ve gotten.

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