Easter Wreath

I found the absolute cutest Spring/Easter Wreath today on The Winthrop Chronicles link up party. The wreath that was featured is from CC McAfee Perspective which is my new favorite blog.  I saw the picture of the wreath and thought, “I love it, but it looks way too hard for me.  What even is that made of??”.  I pinned it anyway.  It kept popping into my mind throughout the day and I went back to take a second look at it.  When I saw there was a video tutorial, I figured it must be impossible, but I watched it anyway.  Guess what, it was SOOOOO easy.  But, of course, Carolyn was probably some super pro blogger who was totally crafty and just made it look easy.  Here’s her masterpiece:

How adorable is that??  It’s not often that something moves me to go out to Michael’s on my lunch break and buy the materials for a project, but this one did.  I HAD to have that wreath.

I’m not going to give instructions because you have to watch this video because in addition to the instructions, this woman is just adorable and totally likeable.  So, please, go watch her and then spend four hours looking at her blog.

I will give a couple of tips that I found helpful:

1.  Those little floral pin thingies kind of hurt if they don’t go in easily on the first try.  I actually cushioned my hand with an unopened bag of Easter grass.  I bet you can think of something better.

2.  Easter grass is super messy.  This is not a tip, just a fact.  Be prepared to clean it up.  Especially if you have cats as my husband just reminded me that cats love eating that and then puking it up.  Oops.

Here is my pretty much exact replica except that I don’t know how to make a bow so I did a cluster of Easter eggs:


Cute, right?  And I don’t think I mentioned that it took, like 15 minutes, max. This is one for the non-crafty Momma’s out there.( Gotta paint that door.  Add it to the list.)


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  • Adorable – I love this idea!

    • anonymous | April 15, 2014 | Reply

      Thanks Marie! It was so fun to make.

  • carolyn | April 15, 2014 | Reply

    Awe, love this post! Thanks so much for your nice words… seriously made me feel awesome!
    Your wreath looks so good… at least the cat puke is colorful right?
    Love the egg cluster! That is a great idea!

    • anonymous | April 15, 2014 | Reply

      Thanks! It was so fun to make and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it! Great idea!!

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