Small Space Sectional Sofas under $1000

One of the things that has been on my “To Buy” list for a very long time is a new sofa.  I have two right now and they are both a little worse for the wear.  I might be able to salvage one with a slipcover or some type of magic stain remover, but the other has got to go.  It’s “bonded leather” and my son has been slowly but surely picking off pieces of the leather so that now the middle cushion is basically naked.  (PS, if you get nothing else from this post, don’t buy anything that says bonded leather, no matter how cheap it is).  I really want to replace the sofa with a sectional, but I have sort of weird dimensions in the room I want to put it in, so I need to find something smaller scale without having to break the bank with a custom made sofa.  I’ve put in some time on-line shopping and come up with a few contenders.  I present, Small Space Sectional Sofas under $1000.

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I did all of my browsing on Wayfair.  I was happy to see that there were so many sectionals that fit my criteria.  I was looking for something that was small enough to fit in my space, preferably in a color (not beige or gray!) and something with a classic, but modern style.  Luckily, Wayfair has a filter for ALL of those specifications and then some. Oh, and of course price.  I only looked at sofas in the $500-$1000 price range.  Another great Wayfair feature, they allow you to save several items to an idea board.  That allows you to see all of your possibilities on one page for easy comparison.  Love that!

Small Space Sectional Sofas for under $1000

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Mercury Row Melantha Sectional – $788.99 – On top of fitting all of my criteria, this color is so awesome!  Don’t worry, if you’re not into a plum sofa, they have gray, black and tan, too.  Or if you’re into really wild colors, they have bright yellow, bright green, bright orange and bright red.  Honestly, the yellow one might have been my favorite but I can just imagine it in six months after my kids get their grubby hands on it.

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Newton St. Loe Sectional – $918.04 – I loved this sectional in particular because it has the smaller chaise side on the side I need it on.  I like the blue fabric, although I would recover those throw pillows immediately.  It is the priciest of the bunch coming in just under $1000.

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Mccormick Sectional – $699.99 – Yes it’s gray, but it’s a nice gray, right?  I love the tufting on this one and the lower arms.  Lower armed sofas are much more comfortable for snoozing, fyi.  It does come in a rusty red color if you’re into that.

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Amberwood Sectional – $829.99 – This one is a little more contemporary than modern, in my opinion, but it looks super comfy!  It also comes in a bunch of different funky colors.

Decisions, decisions!  The first decision will be what method to use to convince my husband that we *need* to buy a new sofa.  But seriously, it’s hard to pick a sofa from pictures, right?  I plan to scour the reviews for each as I usually do when I make and on-line purchase.  What tips and tricks do you use when buying on-line?  Help a girl out!

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