Getting Ready for Spring

In addition to the  extra lbs. I carry around as documented in this post, I have another issue that hinders me from wearing cute shorts and skirts and dresses throughout the spring and summer.  My skin is pale. The color of skim milk is the best way to describe it. Not pretty, milky white skin.  Like, see through, basically. So I stumbled across a pin that I thought I would try…

This girl has done her research.  I’ve used self tanner before, but it doesn’t usually work out very well.  I’m going to give it another go with her tips. So, as the headline promises, the real before picture:


I’m not even sure if my leg is actually that white or if that is poor photography. Honestly.  I’m going to give myself a couple of days before I post an after.  Does my fat cat distract at all from the whiteness of my leg?  He looks terrified.

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