Up to Speed

We had a lull in the kitchen action, but there’s some progress to report.  The backsplash is tiled and the crown molding over the cabinets is nearly finished.  Here’s a peek:


Not a great view of the backsplash, but it’s a simple white subway tile.  It let’s the granite take center stage.  Tomorrow should mark the beginning of the end of this project.  We are expecting the electrician and then it’s basically the finishing touches and we’re done!  I do need to order the stools for the island and the hardware for the cabinets…  I’m so ready for this to be done.  It’s probably a good time for a reminder of where this all started…


We’ve come a long way, baby!  Let’s see if there’s anything we can tick off this list:

  • Paint the ceiling
  • Paint the walls
  • Choose and install the trim
  • Choose and install the hardware
  • Choose and install the faucet
  • Install the dishwasher
  • Finish the electrical
  • Choose stools for the island
  • Switch the door on the fridge
  • Tile the backsplash
  • Stain the threshold thingies

Down to 6 items!  It really is getting close.  I guess I won’t have any excuse to have the rest of the house a mess anymore.  Time to get back on the ball.  I need to start working on the curtains for the master bedroom, too.  Remember this:

bedroom inspiration

It’s been at a stand still.  Time to get back to it!

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