What I’ll make when my kitchen is done

Everyone in my house loves chicken parm, so when the kitchen is done, it will be the first meal I make. I’ve found a yummy-licious recipe that even includes a recipe for the sauce. It will be fun to tackle a from scratch recipe in my brand spanking new kitchen with a dishwasher to help with the mess!

It is the self proclaimed “Best Chicken Parmesan in the World”, so I hope it lives up to this billing.  Click the link to see the recipe on what might just be a fun little blog!

I love a garden salad with Chicken parm, so we’ll start with that and maybe some garlic bread.  And dessert, of course.  Brownie sundaes.  Doesn’t go with an Italian dinner?  Tiramisu, you think?  I say Brownie’s go with everything.  They can even go with nothing and just be dinner sometimes.  Yes, they can.

The kitchen is such an important part of the family.  My kids love to help cook and with the new island, it will be a homework hub and a place to snack and watch tv (instead of snacking on the couch).  We are all so excited to have it finished.  When the granite went in, my six year old son came over and hugged me.  Even he is thrilled and can sense the excitement.  Hopefully, just a couple more weeks!

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