The granite is HERE! (Read in your best Pauly D voice).   I admit, it wasn’t my first choice, but it’s almost as if the granite knows that and is trying harder to win my affection.  It is so pretty and shiny and smooth and delicious (kids don’t starting licking your kitchen granite, it’s just an expression).  Without further ado..


It is called Giallo Ornamental and I’m in love.

On the not so in love side, I started (hopefully finished) the not at all fun task of sanding the ceiling and walls where new drywall was installed.  I have one piece of advice on this job.  Hire someone else to do it.  I sanded and sanded, inhaling surely unhealthy dust and what I didn’t inhale, wafted into my eyes.  And I really don’t know if I’ve done a good enough job to call it done.  My brother/contractor will inspect it and certainly roll his eyes at me.  But I tried and the sanding has to be done so that the painting can be done so that the electrician can finish his work.  Once the electrician is done, we can start to wrap this sucker up.

In other news, I mostly finished one of the bedside tables and I do believe that looks pretty darn good:

Orange Table

This was my first ever attempt at spray painting anything at all and I’m pretty happy with it.  We’ll see if it stands up to any type of use.  I did put a couple of dings in it while I was trying to screw the doors back on, so I’ll need to google some advice on how to touch up spray paint.  Next project for the bedroom will be those pretty curtains around the bed.

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