My Faves this Week

My favorite thing this week was finding out that this, exists:

Shark Head Wall Sculpture

I don’t have a place to put it, unfortunately, but I did find a bunch of other awesome things at Urban Outfitters:

Removeable Wallpaper

Scaled Tile Wall Decal

Bella Removable Wallpaper

Woven Mirror – 2 for $30 (SO buying these!)

Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror

I hope my son likes this, because it is going in his room:

Atlas Tapestry

Moving out of Urban Outfitters, but still in wall coverings, I know someone is going to love this:

The Periodic Table Of Carrie Bradshaw's Shoes

These are pure genius and from a great website,

Children’s Responsibility Punch Card Set of 15 – Chores, Reading and Kindness Cards

I love when I find an outfit that I have almost all of the components but had never thought to put together:

"Perfect Spring Outfit..warm colors and business casual" by cortney-ann007 on Polyvore

And, as has become tradition, a few things to put a smile on your face:

Kill You Last | Click the link to view full image and description : )

My nickname is “Mom” but my real name is MomMomMom MomMomMom MomMomMom MomMomMom MomMomMom… | Snarkecards

Can't stop laughing!!!

Happy Friday!

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