The De-Dingefication of the Bathroom

Yeah, autocorrect, take that!  De-dingefication.  I answer to no electronic dictionary. Except for when I forget how to spell vacuum.

The main bathroom in the house was looking a little sad.  It was completely remodeled a few years back after a strange plumbing incident (which involved water only).  So, all the expensive stuff is pretty new and still pretty, but the shower curtain was looking a little worse for the wear.  A little jaundiced, actually.  It was sort of yellowy around the edges and just overall not giving off the “jump in here and get super clean!” vibe that it should.  We also were short a bath mat after a cat accident that we shall not speak of.

So, off to Target I headed.  I picked up three items.

A shower curtain, a shower curtain liner and a bath mat.  Ok, so the shower curtain liner isn’t super exciting.  But, I got one that is more fabric and less plastic, so it will make for a much more pleasant showering experience.

And, the shower curtain is just a white waffle knit, so nothing super exciting there, but definitely crisp and clean. The bath mat though, is adorable.  It’s the only thing that’s going to be of any interest to see a picture of on-line, so here it is:

Threshold™ Watercolor Chevron Bath Rug

Here’s a before picture:


And the after:


Ten minutes to a fresh new look.  And a more comfortable showering experience.  Also, I do believe unhanging and rehanging a shower curtain counts as an arm workout.  Always the multi-tasker.

And, a special treat for those of you who love a bad before picture, here is the bathroom when we bought the house:


You’re welcome.

Up next on my shopping list is going to be one of these funny bathroom signs!

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