Black Chandelier

It sounds like a 70’s soft rock band.  But, actually, it’s way cooler than that.  If you remember, I put up this statement wallpaper in the dining room with the help of my mom:


But, alas, the dining room that used to be the family room, did not have an overhead light.  Not wanting to spend a ton of money on a light, I remembered that I had kept the chandelier that was in the dining room when we bought the house.  I also remembered somewhere in my Pinterest files there was a spray painted chandelier.  Ok, maybe more than one.  But, I was thinking of a specific one that was painted black.  I thought black would look just slick enough to be able to stand (or hang) next to the bold wallpaper, but wouldn’t try to steal too much attention from the focal wall either.  So, I dusted off the chandelier (literally, it was in the basement and super dusty), bought myself a can of spray paint and sprayed the heck out of that thing.  I did tape off the wires and I stuck newspaper in the light bulb sockets to protect them.  Spray paint is one of those things that every time I use it I think, there’s no way this is going to work.  And then I do it and I’m like, “Holy crap, it actually worked.  They actually sell this stuff for like 3 bucks and it REALLY works!”.  

So here is the before before of the chandelier from when we bought the house, hanging in place:

Dining RoomBefore

Oh, I forgot, I de-blinged it at Christmas time and hung all of the crystals on the tree.  There were way more crystals on that thing than you would think.  This is how it looked pre-spray paint:


Told you it was dusty.  This was pre-dusting.  And here it is after not even one full can of spray paint, which cost less than $4.


So chic, right??  It’s a little wonky because I have sitting in a chair.  Here is a pic of it pretending to hang from the ceiling in front of the wallpaper:


Oh my God, I love it so freaking much.  Sorry, but I really do.  Yes, I know we’re not supposed to hang it that high.  This is definitely my favorite thing I’ve done to the house since I did the wallpaper.  Ok, so technically that is only the last thing I did before this, but whatever. I’m so loving it.  Even the pictures came out only half way horrible.  Now, of course, I need to get an electrician in here because sadly there is no electrical right there to hook it up to.  So, it should be hung before Thanksgiving, for sure.

Oh, if you happen to need a step by step with real instructions on how to do this, click the pic below:

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