This Will Never be a Blog about a Cat and a Bunny, but…

I have a dream.  I want to see a picture of my crazy cat and bunny on the internet.  One that I didn’t post myself.  I really feel my cat and bunny combo pets have a little Grumpy Cat-like potential.  Except instead of grumpy, they are creepily cute.


That’s Binx the cat and Misty the Bunny.

Binx is a rescue.  He was in a shelter and he had been very sick and he was (and is still) very overweight.  We brought him home and hoped that he would soon become a part of the family.  Our hopes were dashed when Binx never really took to any of us.  I don’t know if he didn’t have a very nice family before us, or if he’s just one of those cats that doesn’t like to be bothered by humans, but he pretty much lives a separate life from us.  Which is ok.  He’s very sweet and is never aggressive.  And he’s very vocal when he wants to eat.

Misty was a present from Santa.  He’s adorable and pretty friendly, but he’s a bunny, so not exactly a cuddler by nature.  Misty joined us this past December and we’ve had Binx for a few years.  We were a little concerned about how the bunny and the cat would get along.  At first we just let them look at each other while the bunny was in the safety of his cage.  We were relieved when the Binx (the cat) lazily laid in front of the cage and just stared at the bunny out of the corner of his eye.  So, after a few days of non-interactive interaction, we decided to let Misty out while Binx was nearby.  To our delight, they got along fine.  Really fine.  Binx and Misty are often found lying together on our floor pillow, Binx’s “arm” wrapped lovingly around the bunny.  Here are a couple more pics of the crazy couple:

Binxandmisty2 Binxandmisty3


So, would you say?  If I promise no weekly cat/bunny updates, will you pin Binx and Misty?

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