Ok, so, I’m a little panicky.  I had what was supposed to be a quick impromptu post yesterday to accept my Liebster Award (still basking in the glow!).  So, I put off my little project I had planned til today.  Remember this from My Fave’s this Week?

Here's a really easy craft project - mod podge tray makeover

It’s so fresh and personalized.  I just loved it.  I had been thinking of doing something similar with the left over wallpaper from the dining room.  So, I grabbed some Mod Podge and jumped right in!  Here’s my before tray:


Basically the same as the inspiration.  There were a couple of blobs of paint that I sanded a little bit.  Oh and I forgot to take pictures.  Another fail.  So, I grabbed the Mod Podge and spread some around on the tray with a foam brush.  Then I took the paper and smooshed it onto the tray.  Yes, smooshed.  It wasn’t an exact fit to the tray, so after I smooshed and painted some more Mod Podge on top of it, I grabbed a little knife thingy and I cut off the excess.  Bad idea.  You can’t cut the wet paper without ripping it.  Oops.  I stopped doing that and tried to let it dry a little.  I came back maybe a few minutes later and noticed it wasn’t adhering to the tray that well. It was kind of wrinkly and bubbly.  This time, I peeled up half of the paper and Mod Podged the bottom of the paper and pressed it back down and then repeated that on the other half of the paper.  I think this is probably how I should have started the process.  It seemed to work a lot better.  There were still a couple of bubbles, so I forced myself to walk away and leave it for a little while and see what happened.  I came back about 20 minutes later and it looked streaky and bubbly.  Drat!  I poured (yes poured) some more Mod Podge on and spread it on with the paint brush.  I don’t think pouring is the recommended mode of application.  I seem to remember something about thin applications.

So, now it’s in the other room. I haven’t looked at for, let’s see, an episode of Dance Moms and the amount of time it’s taken me to get through this post, so about an hour and a half.  I’m literally going to go check on it right now.  Well, except, it won’t be right now when you read this.  Just pretend.  BRB.

Huh.  Not as bad as I had feared. It needs some tweaking, but it’s a start.  I think.


Here are the problems I see with it.  The scale of the design of the paper is too big for the tray.  If I can get past that, I think it may be helped with a little paint on that now very drab looking pale wood, maybe a charcoal gray.  Also, I should probably clean off the excess Mod Podge. For the moment, I’m going to sleep on it.  See what it looks like in the morning.  Also, remind myself of the silver lining that my first idea was to try Mod Podging the risers of the stairs.  That is a far less reversible Fail.

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