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I have an adorable little hutch in the ahh, the room that is nameless because it used to be the dining room and now is a den? living room?  Anyway, the hutch is colonial looking and natural wood at the moment.  Same as it was, I’m sure when it was erected in 1964.

corner hutch

I’m definitely thinking it needs to be white, but I’m undecided on the details.  For instance, door or no door?  All white or pops of color along the back?  I did some inspiration searching and I’ve found a few options that speak to me.

White Hutch

This white on white option is gorgeous and clean and crisp, but maybe just a touch boring for me?  I do have this wallpaper, don’t forget.


I like these one’s with a touch of blue, too.  I love blue and you can find it in most of the rooms of the house.  The non-wallpapered walls in the dining room are blue.  So blue would tie in nicely.

Orange Corner Self

I’m a little head over heels for the vibrant orange inside.  It’s kind of stolen my heart, but I don’t know if it’s going to be too much going on when I add my little favorite things back in.  My favorite little things have orange touches to them.

I guess I’ll be picking up some paint samples!  Anybody know a good orange to try??

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