My Faves This Week

Today I’m pulling favorites from some of my early pins.  And a few newbies, too!

Favorite Fashion Finds

Budget beauty, created by jayneann1809

When I first saw this pin, I assumed it meant each item was under $100.  It’s actually in total under $100.  I love the idea of looking great but still sticking to a budget.


This is what I would like to live in this summer if when I lose 12 (fine, 15) pounds.

ALEX AND ANI Feather Charm Bangle Set. My bangles are going to go halfway up my arm but i'm obsessed!

And I’ll wear these with everything.  All the time.

Favorite Food Finds:

Classic Comfort Food - Very Easy To Do.

This was one of my first ever pins and I actually have made  it a few times.  It’s delicious.  It takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it and you’ll be happily eating it for days.

what the what?

This one is from way back, too!  I haven’t made it, but it’s going on my weekend bucket list.  My kids will love it!

Favorite Finds for the Home:


I’m in love with that headboard.  I think my husband would move out.

Winter Robin Throw PillowHeavy words 01. Throw PillowPillow / Indoor Cover (16" x

Pillow crushes!

I liked this design on #Fab. Polka Dots Decal Gold

Totally into gold dots lately.

Favorite Funny Finds:

don't stare

26.4 "I Got Lost" Women's Marathon T-Shirt

Seriously, tell me more…

Get in loserHappy Weekend!

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