What I Made This Week

I didn’t make much, truthfully.  A touch of a stomach bug made me not very interested in food this weekend.  What I was interested in, was feeding my children with as little fuss as possible.  That’s when I remembered a little trick from I don’t even know when.

Did you know that you can make breakfast in a sandwich maker?  Oh, you can.  And it is so good.


This is so quick and easy, you could actually make a hot breakfast before work or school that does not come out of the toaster.  It took 10 minutes from pulling out the sandwich maker, to putting it on the plate and you can use the time it’s cooking to clean up.

So, what is in this breakfast?  Pancakes and an omelette.  Here’s what you need:

Pancake mix (I use the one that only requires water, but any would work, it just may take a moment or two longer)

2 Eggs

Deli ham (or any leftover meat you’d like to add)




Sandwich Maker

1.  Plug in and turn on your sandwich maker.

2.  Mix up your pancake batter according to the box instructions.

3.  Crack your eggs into a small bowl and beat with a fork.

4.  Cut up the deli ham into small pieces and add it into the eggs.

5.  Butter up your sandwich maker.

6.  Pour the pancake batter into one side and the eggs into the other (careful with the eggs, if they are going to overflow the sandwich maker, they will do it quickly and there will be nothing you can do but watch it happen and clean it up after.  Trust me)

7.  Add some cheese to the eggs and close the sandwich maker and clean up your mess!

8.  Check after about 4 minutes to see how everything is looking.  Stick a fork in the pancakes and then another fork in the eggs to check for doneness.  My pancakes seem to always get done before my eggs.


I plopped the cheese right on top of the eggs, but if you break it up and add it into the egg mixture, you will not get the crispy cheese finish.  If you like crispy cheese finishes, by all means, plop the cheese right on top.

I wish I had known this trick back in the dorm room days.  It would be a great option for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings instead of racing to get to the dining hall the moment before it closes.


Bon Apetit!

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