Spring Mantel

I have a confession to make.  In between Christmas and, well Christmas, my mantel is bare.  Like, really bare.  For one, I am a big believer in things serving a purpose or being beautiful or special if they are going to have a place in the home.  Especially a place that is front and center in what is one of the main rooms of the house.  And for two (do you say for two after you’ve started with for one?  I’m doin’ it.  Grammar police be darned), I don’t really have stuff to put on a mantel.  Or so I thought.

Here is what my mantel looked like, oh, three hours ago (and since Christmas):


Oh my God.  That is nearing on embarrassing.  I do promise the real before pictures though.  Let’s take an inventory.  The walls are weirdly almost peach in the picture.  I swear they aren’t in real life.  At least I don’t think they are.  Then there’s the clock that I do like, but it runs on batteries and almost never tells the right time and it’s also not the right size for above the mantel.  I also have some pretty frames that have no pictures in them.  And I don’t want to forget the random candle cover and the Nerf thingamajobber.  PS, I hate the red brick fireplace and it is SO on the list.

First step was to look for some inspiration.  There was plenty to be found:

spring mantels

I love so many things in these pictures.  I’m dying for those white birds and I love that most of them have real greens and some have cut flowers.  I also love the texture of the baskets and that paper wreath is so pretty.  I also like the touches of Easter.

So, how am I supposed to pull any of this off, when all I have up there is a broken clock and empty frames?  Why, I shopped the house, of course!  Here’s the stuff I scrounged from all corners of the house:


That’s a few botanical prints, my favorite bird plates, a still empty picture frame or two and couple of vases (there’s one hiding in the back.  Oops).  I did a quick DIY for filling in the frames.  One is sort of a rainbow of colors and the other is maybe a pink ombre concoction.  Oh, and I grabbed a mirror from the dining room, too.  Here’s what I came up with:




You can’t deny it’s a huge improvement.  I don’t have the greenery I would like, and it’s a little angular, but it’s a start.  I can definitely see it evolving, but just paying it a little bit of attention, has gotten my creative juices flowing.  I’m excited to tweak it and see what else might inspire.  I definitely want to get the kids involved and maybe add some Easter crafts.  But, I’m happy to have a start!

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