Play Time at Polyvore

I’m having so much fun playing with my closet over at Polyvore.  I’ve added a few more of the pieces that I own and I’ve put together some outfits.
I’ve learned a few things while I’ve been working on this project.  I’ve learned that I probably have way more clothing than I will ever need.  Ever.  For many lifetimes.  Also, the internet is a vast, vast land of pictures of things that fit descriptions like this “H&M Striped Tunic Sweatshirt” and yet none of those things actually match what you are looking for.  It’s proven harder than I initially thought to find the exact items that I’ve bought that are no longer available for sale on-line at the store’s site.  Ebay, however, has proven to be a pretty good place to look for stuff that is at least a couple of seasons old.  And lastly, shoes and accessories really do make the outfit. I haven’t added any of those yet and I can see that things are a bit bland without them.

Oh, and I can’t forget the number one thing I have learned.  No matter how much clothing I own, I still want to buy more.  So I can have outfits like these:
Spring outfit"Chevron Printed Maxi" by felicia-alexandra on Polyvore
If I was a business woman or professor, this is how I would dress :)

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