Repurposed, Upcycled, DIY, Watercolor, Canvas ART!

I made art.  I repurposed and then I added a touch of upcycle, a dash of DIY, a hint of watercolor and I made art on a canvas.  Feeling pretty good about me right now.  Here it is:


Pretty, right?  I think I’ll keep tweaking it, but it’s a start.  Let me take you back in time to, oh, 3 hours ago.  When I had nothing to post and I was going to hit you with a lame post about my favorite things from H&M for the home.  (Hold on, that post is probably coming tomorrow, it’s not really lame at all.  Maybe just compared to this one it’s a little lame).  I had these crayon and colored pencil canvases that I had bought a thousand years ago for the kids play room.  I always loved them and I still do (did? since they no longer technically exist?).  They are perfect for a play room. Super bright and colorful and kid friendly but not cartoony at all.  Here is a picture of one of them since silly blogger lady forgot to take a picture of the first one before she started painting over it:


Unfortunately, that one got a yucky water stain on it.  Otherwise, I probably would have hung them again as is in the family room post-makeover.  Instead, while concocting a scheme for a super post today, I thought about doing some type of treatment to them.  A million scenarios went through my head.  That’s hyperbole.  Like, two scenarios went through my head because let’s face it, I’m not THAT creative.  So, probably the third scenario that went through my head was, if you like the dang pictures so much, why not sort of copy them.  Interesting.  I slapped some primer on one of the canvases (the same stuff I used on Sir Hutchington) and I could still see very well the original colors coming through.  I grabbed my daughters water colors and did a practice run on a piece of paper.  Here’s how that came out:


PS, I highly recommend practice runs!  You never know what weird issue might pop up.  And this only took a couple of minutes and I did it while the canvas was drying.

I still need to do the second canvas and I have ideas about what to do about the sides of the canvas and I’m thinking the part in the middle might need a little something.  Let’s hope I don’t go overboard…

Here’s the nearly finished product again, cause why not?


Doing this made me feel so good.  You should try it.  PS, it cost $0 and took like maybe an hour?

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