My H&M Crush (read Obsession)

Sometimes the stars align and you find things that you love, that are “you” and that you can afford, all in one place.  That place for me is H&M.  I shop for clothes there compulsively.  Their home line is equally obsession worthy. I’ve put together a few of my favorites for the blog because I am on a shopping hiatus for a short time and creating a Polyvore set is the next best thing to actual consumerism.

Here is my set aptly titled “Things to Put Your Heady On”:

For Putting your Heady Down

And here is “Things to Cuddle In”:


And lastly, “Things to Put Things In”:

Things for holding things

I hope you enjoy and in case you are wondering I do not have any affiliation with H&M, but if they ever called I would squeal like a 12 year old at a 1D concert.  

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