I Bought Chaises!

I did a mood board recently for my living room and I’m happy to say that thanks to our tax return, I have started to take that mood board out of the internet and into the actual real live living room (live living room, HA!).

Family Room

You should know that I live within 12 minutes of an Ikea.  Yes, I am fully aware of how amazing that is.  Also, around the corner from Ikea is a Target. I know I hit the jackpot.  And, no, I didn’t choose where to live based on how long it would take me to get to Target and Ikea.  They were both built after I moved here.  I think it was divine intervention, actually. Like a giant hint from God.  Sort of like Field of Dreams.  If you build them, they will decorate.  The best part about living near an Ikea is that  you can just pop over there on a Tuesday night and it’s not crowded and you can browse and not get jostled and smash into people with their kamikaze shopping carts. (What is up with those carts??  I don’t have the core stability to maneuver those things).  Unfortunately, I have the patience of a flea and I had the tax return burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to go in the middle of Sunday afternoon.  Prime time at Ikea.  A husband’s worst nightmare.  Luckily, I knew what I needed and I know the store so well that I was able to get in and out in under an hour.  I got the two chaise lounges and the hanging light.  I’m working on the rest, but for now, here is a before and after of the progress:


Oh man, I am so painting this whole entire room.  It’s very long and a bit narrow.  A bit bowling alley-ish.  Th back of the room has a table that is supposed to be for crafts and family game night but is mostly just a junk collector. I aim to change that.  There’s a fireplace and my favorite chair in the world that I cuddled my babies in.  And then there’s the sofa that is facing the tv and is only in that spot because it is the optimal place for TV viewing.  I hated this arrangement and hate is considered a swear word in our house so I really mean it.  I wanted to create more separate areas and the chaises were my ticket to that.  Here’s our progress:


I’m very happy with the new configuration.  There’s lots of seating and super comfy spots for TV watching.  I still have a long list of things I want to tackle in here, but it at least feels much cozier to me.  I’m hoping to knock a few more things off the list this week so I look forward to updating.

Did anyone notice all of the floaties in that before picture??  Is something wrong with my camera (besides everything that is wrong with my camera) or do I have ghosts??

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