Super Cute DIY Easter Bunny

I’m about to kill you with cuteness.  Remember the little Valentine Monsters I made in February?  Well, I’ve been dying to make an Easter Bunny.  So, I did.  And you can, too!  Here’s the little guy:


Is he too cute for words or what?  If you remember back when I did the Valentine monsters, my girl scout troop (9-10 year olds) made a bunch of them, so I think anywhere from 7 and up would be able to make this guy.  Here is what you need:


  • White yarn (or pink or blue, or whatever color you want your bunny to be!)
  • Pipe cleaners – 3 white ones and 1 pink one
  • Pink felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Comb (I know, weird, but I’ll get to it)
  • A box about the size of a DVD case (or just a DVD case like I did)
  • Glue gun

To make the larger fluff ball for the body of the bunny, you are going to wrap the yarn around the DVD size box about 100 times:


Wiggle the wrapped yarn off of the DVD box and take one of the white pipe cleaners and feed it through the middle of the poof:


Later, I used that pipe cleaner to keep the head attached to the body.  Cause you don’t want a headless bunny. Next tie the middle of the poof with a piece of yarn about 10 inches long.  Double knot it so it stays together.  You’ll end up with two loops of yarn on either side.  Grab your scissors and snip the loops to release the bunnies inner poofiness.  This is what it looks like after snipping the loops:


Now, you’re going to make the head pretty much exactly the same way, except you want it to be smaller than the body, so instead of wrapping around the DVD box, you’re going to wrap it around four of your fingers.  Remember to remove your rings from your fingers (or the yarn will get caught!) and remember to keep your fingers separated (or you will cut off the circulation to your finger tips and have a hard time getting the yarn off your hand and have a panic attack that you’re going to have to call the fire department to extricate yourself from the cuddly bunny yarn.  Awkward).  Before you tie the yarn around this poof, feed the pipe cleaner you put in the body of the bunny through the center of the head poof so that they are no attached to each other.  I wrapped the excess pipe cleaner around the neck area of the bunny to give it some separation between the head and the body (I added the yellow pipe cleaner bow later.  Underneath that is the excess white pipe cleaner).  You can trim the yarn now if you feel like you want the fluff to be more symmetrical.

So now you have the bunny constructed and it’s time to add his features.  This parts super easy.  I used white and pink pipe cleaners to make the ears. I cut the pink pipe cleaner about a 1/2 inch longer than I wanted the ears to be, then I folded the white pipe cleaner around the pink one and twisted them together at the bottom to make one ear.  Once you’ve completed the ears, dab some glue on the end and jam them into the bunnies head.  Attach your googly eyes with the hot glue.  Cut out some bunny shaped feet (ovals?) from the pink felt and a tiny pink triangle for the bunny nose and affix with hot glue.  Tie a bow with a pipe cleaner, or ribbon would probably be even cuter, around your bunnies neck.

If you want to up the cuteness factor even more, take that com band pick out the yarn a little bit.  It will start to get fuzzy and insanely adorable.  Be careful not to pull and pick to hard or you will lose some strands. I lost a few, but he’s still super fluffy.


I can totally picture an adorable, fluffy yellow chick done this way, too.  Or a lamb!  Or a… a…  Ok, that’s all the fluffy animals I can think of.  I hope you try this fluffy bunny with your kids.  Or just by yourself.  That’s fine, too!

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