Mirror Makeover

When we moved into this house, we had one of those big builder’s grade mirrors in the upstairs bathroom.   When we redid the bathroom a few years ago, the mirror came down.  For some reason, it never got thrown away.  Even when we had the dumpster for the kitchen remodel, it somehow stuck around.  And I tossed EVERYTHING in that puppy.  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I came across this pin:

Mirror Inspiration - DIY. Put adhesive letters on a garage sale mirror and the spray paint over. You won't believe how gorgeous the finished product is!

It’s a painted mirror with that phrase stenciled in.  It’s so pretty.  It inspired me to grab that mirror and think about what I could do with it.  I’m actually still not sure that I don’t want to completely replicate the project from 100 Things To Do because I really do love it.  But, I wasn’t sure about that great expanse of white (I think my mirror is bigger than the one above) and I liked the idea of being able to change the phrase from time to time.  I decided to try doing a a goldish frame and then using a chalkboard marker for the phrasing.  Here’s what I started with:



Yes, that’s the mirror with windex on it because I forgot to take a real before, as in before it was clean.  After I cleaned it up, I grabbed some gold colored foil tape and taped off the edges:


Sorry for the glare.  Taking a picture of a mirror is hard.  I need serious photography help.  I have never taken a Pinterest worthy picture.  Any way, I was a little skeptical about the tape. But I don’t hate it.  It adds a touch of golden and if I do change my mind, it will be easy to change.

Then came choosing the saying.  I wanted something quirky and a little off beat, so….



I like it.  And those little star bursts in the corners are for where the mirror will screw into the wall.  Those are from Home Depot.  Go to Home Depot and ask someone to help you find the things that you use to screw a bathroom mirror into a wall and then start making a list of all of the things that you want to make with those little stars.  I am in love with those things.  They are so adorable and sparkly and flowery and star-ish.

Here it is almost home.  Almost because it’s not actually attached to the wall yet.  I think I’m going to need help from the carpenter brother to be sure it is attached to studs because it’s pretty heavy.



Recognize that painting?  It’s my second shot at the upcycled art I tried a couple of weeks ago.  It’s really coming along.  I might be done.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I’d really love to hear what you think of the mirror (and the art!).  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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