New Awesomeness At Ikea

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I made a quick visit to Ikea and some new products caught my eye.  Well, I perused the “New” section on-line  today and I fell in love with like, all of it.  Behold, the inexpensive awesomeness:

TRENDIG 2013 Chair - IKEA
TRENDIG 2013, Chair, red, $59.00


TRENDIG 2013 Armchair - IKEA
TRENDIG 2013, Armchair, red, natural, $89.00

I’m trying to think of some type of catastrophic mishap that can befall the dining and occasional chairs in my house so that I can replace them all with these.  I’m obsessed with the first one.  OB. SESSED.

TRENDIG 2013 Pre-cut fabric - IKEA
TRENDIG 2013, Pre-cut fabric, assorted patterns, $19.99

These new fabrics are interesting and they are pre-cut.  That sounds like a perk.  I don’t know in what way it is a perk, but I bet it means something awesome to someone.

SOLUR 3-piece beach tennis racket set - IKEA
SOLUR, 3-piece beach tennis racket set, IKEA FAMILY member price, $7.99, Regular price, $9.99


SOLUR 4-piece badminton racket set - IKEA
SOLUR, 4-piece badminton racket set, IKEA FAMILY member price, $14.99, Regular price, $19.99

What?? Ikea has outdoor sporting goods now?  Oh, yeah.  Summer fun for less than thirty bucks.  I love how it’s sort of throw back stuff, too.  Badminton.  So fun.  PS, there’s a net, too!

SPRIDA LED spotlight IKEA This spotlight creates a playful atmosphere and makes your child feel as if they’re on stage.
SPRIDA, LED spotlight, red, black, $29.99

This spotlight acts as a projector.  I do believe I’ve coveted some projector DIY wall treatments that I’ve found on Pinterest.  Oh, yeah, the kids will probably like it, too.  For spotlighting things.

TRÄNING Juggling set IKEA
TRÄNING, Juggling set, $29.99

Juggling set, Ikea?  You’re killing me.  Is $30 expensive for a Juggling set?  Who even knows?  Where else can you get a juggling set??

IKEA PS 2014 Wall shelf with 11 knobs IKEA The shelf is perfect in small spaces since it takes up less space.
IKEA PS 2014, Wall shelf with 11 knobs, birch, $49.99

Chic organization for $50? I’ll take it.  Don’t even pretend you’re not trekking to Ikea tomorrow to buy this.

UPPTÄCKA Laptop backpack IKEA Attach the strap in different ways to wear the backpack across your body or carry it over one shoulder.
UPPTÄCKA, Laptop backpack, gray, IKEA FAMILY member price, $24.99, Regular price, $34.99

I totally adore this back pack.  I don’t even think I need to say anymore.  I think if I did say more, it would steal from the simple beauty of this back pack.  So I’m going to stop typing.  Right…..  Now.  Now.


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