Wings & Beats

I’m reading an amazing book.  It doesn’t happen often that you read a line and your breath catches and your eyes well and you have to go back and read it again.  And again.

The book is “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd.  It’s the beautiful story of the real shackles of slavery, the invisible shackles fixed to our hearts and minds and the struggle to break free of both.

The line that captured my heart is “…the world depends upon the small beating in your heart”.  The urgency of it jabbed at my heart.  The world depends upon it!  It’s a directive to follow that small beating of your heart.  No matter what.   I want to be reminded every day of that urgency.  I want my kids to grow up with that line written in the recesses of their memories.

So, I did what any respectable blogger would do.  I made a printable. For you.  For free.


When I was imagining what the printable would look like I imagined a watercolor background.  When I googled free watercolor backgrounds, this pretty printable from Sherry at Young House Love popped up.  It was so fitting.  This was the first blog that I fell in love with.  And the Petersiks seem to be following the small beat of their own hearts as written in this post after the birth of their second child recently.  It takes amazing courage to take a step back from what is considered the benchmark for the DIY blogging world (maybe the whole blogging world?), but they are listening to that small beat.  Because the world DOES depend on it.  Their world and the world of their children.  And your world depends on your small beat, as does mine.

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