Mailbox Inspiration

I need a new mailbox.  For real.  The door broke off of it and every time I reach my hand in, I’m terrified there will be a spider waiting to attack.  I would really like to replace what I have with something fun and funky.  So I scoured some of my favorite haunts for ideas.  Here are my eight favorites.

decorative-mailbox-ideas (4)- Wallpaper Samples repurposed

These lovely mailboxes were covered in wallpaper remnants. mailbox - use pallets, bold numbers and have flowers coming out....front landscaping idea


I love the base of this one made out of pallets.  Very cool!


Over the top?  Maybe.  But, I think I’m okay with over the top.  I don’t know how the mailman would feel about this one.

Fun, Funky Painted Mailbox

I love this one that does not appear to be available on etsy anymore, but it looks diy-able, right?

Stunning Sea Glass Mosaic DIY Ideas

Do I have it in me to mosaic something again after the Anthro inspired mirror?  Yes, yes I do.

modbox: Mid Century Modern Mailboxes by Greg Kelly Photo

Come on, you know you want this!  Just a little.

Indigo Blue Dot Mailbox with a Crystal Knob

This one is speaking to me.  I love the glass knob and I just so happen to have one leftover from the necklace displays.

House Ideas,Ultra Cool Mid Century Modern Mailbox Design Best Source,Mid Century Modern Mailbox

This one is sleek and cool.

I think the polka dot one is speaking to me.  Which is you favorite?  Have you seen any cool mailboxes?

8 Inspired Mailboxes

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