Buy It, Spy It or DIY It

Friday Faves has been replaced.

That should be read in an ominous voice.

It has been replaced with something that shall be dubbed, “Buy It, Spy It or DIY It”.  I got a little Crate & Barrel catalog today and as I was flipping through, I saw lots of things I liked.  Some of them made me think, “I would drop that amount of money on that right now!”.  That’s a “Buy It”.  Then there were the one’s that I said, “I like that, but I bet I could find something similar enough at ___________ (fill in the blank…  thrift store, Target, Marshalls, yard sale).  That is a “Spy It”.  Lastly, there are the one’s that made me think, “I could totally make that!”.  That my friends, is a “DIY It”.  Sound like fun?  Good!  Let’s get to it.
Willa Yellow Side Chair

Willa Yellow Side Chair – $149.00

Ok, we’re starting with an easy one.  DIY It.  No brainer.  A little elbow grease and some vibrant paint on a chair you probably have in your basement or attic right now and this one is done, son.  And you can find sets of these at every thrift store or yard sale worth it’s salt.

3-Piece Intricate Circle Wall Art Set

3 Piece Intricate Wall Art – $139 (on sale)

I want to call this one a DIY it.  I really do. But, honestly, I don’t have those skills.  This is a Buy It.  Obviously they are beautiful, so that makes me want to buy them.  And all three make a pretty dynamic statement for $139.  The largest one is 22″ in diameter.  You can also purchase these separately.

Era C Table

Era C Table – $299

This is what inspired the Spy It category.  I put down the Crate & Barrel catalog and picked up the Bed Bath and Beyond flyer and there was a nearly identical table for $39.99.  It wasn’t quite as sleek, but you can sacrifice a little sleek for $250.

Pinstripe Jade 2'x3' Rug

Pinstripe Jade 2’3′ Rug – $24.95

Buy it.  Now.  Get out your wallet and buy it.  I think that is a good price for a pretty rug from a reputable retailer who generally offers quality products.  Definitely worth 25 bucks.  There are larger sizes that are also well priced.

Cosmo Pendant

Cosmo Pendant – $299

Buy It.  If you love it and it speaks to you, like it does to me, save your pennies and buy it.  This is unique and if you love it, you will walk into the room you hang it in every day and smile at it.  People will make remarks about it. Some might say, “I love that light fixture” and others may say “What an interesting light fixture” with a furrowed brow.  And you will love both remarks equally.  Promise.

Mick Blue Floor Lamp

Mick Blue Floor Lamp – $149

DIY It!  I mean, you’re not going to get this exact look unless you are a metal working genius, but I think with some piping from the hardware store and a light kit and a metal shade you could whip this up.  Not me, but you could.  Send me a pic if you do.

Stainless Wire Bowl

Stainless Wire Bowl – $19.95

Spy It… I had this in my hands at the flea market last week.  In fact there was one about this size and a smaller one.  It wasn’t exactly this one, but it was close.  Why did I put it down?  Why?  They were decidedly less than $20, but more importantly, they were old and had that certain personality that old things have and that this one lacks.

Apple Orchard Dishtowel

Apple Orchard Dish Towel – $5.95

Trick question!  Buy It.. AND DIY It!  The dishtowels from Crate & Barrel are way to cute for wiping dishes.  I can see them framed for a pop of color, or I’m sure you could DIY some cafe curtains with these.  Too cute, right??

Brass Letter S Wall Art

Brass Letter S Wall Art – $24.95

Buy it!  Of course they have all of the letters and numbers and some symbols.  For less than $25, this is a great addition to any gallery wall.

Buy It Spy It or DIY It - Crate & Barrel

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