Nana’s Attic

I discovered a treasure trove of goodies just around the corner from me.  It’s my parents attic.  My kids had been begging me to go up there and explore, so I finally did and found tons of cool stuff!  I’m going to do a little series on the things I find and the makeovers I give them.  First up is this cool 70’s-ish lamp that I found.  I remember this lamp from my childhood and I remember not liking it.  When I rediscovered it, I kind of fell in love with it.

Wicker Lamp

It’s a little beat up looking.  It needed a scraping and a spray paint, but it still worked.

I scraped the base and removed all of that white paint and the yellow paint that was underneath it. Apparently this was the lamps second makeover!

Lamp Base

If you’re wondering, I scraped the base with a butter knife.  You should use a scraper.  Trust me.

Next, I taped off the areas I didn’t want to get painted; the light bulb socket and the brass top thingy.

Taped Lamp

Then the spraying commenced.  Make sure you remember your sweeping, light strokes when your spraying something that is as vertical as this lamp base.  I got a little heavy handed and had a couple of drips.  Which I have just pretended don’t exist.  No one will ever call me a perfectionist.

Sprayed Lamp The wicker shade took a few coats of paint, 3 actually.  I think I probably should have sprayed the inside of the shade, too.  I may do that one of these days.

My plan was to use the lamp in my daughter’s room, so of course, it was not going to stay plain off white.  I wanted to add a little pom pom fringe.


I attached those with my trusty glue gun.

And here’s where I ended up:

Lamp Staged

And here it is lit:

Lit light

Lamp Collage

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