Refreshed by the Lakes and Mountains

We took a way too short vacation and I really want to share it.  We went to Laconia, NH and stayed minutes from Weirs Beach.  It’s a place I went with my family as a child and I’ve always loved it’s laid back, easy going vibe.  We rented a little condo right on the water.

Vacation Condo Condo Beach Sunset from the Condo



The condo is the perfect size and set up for a couple or a small family.  There’s one bedroom, a kitchenette and a living room with a pull out couch.  It’s small, but not uncomfortable and it had all of the necessities.

A short, 5 minute walk from the condo is Weirs Beach.

Weirs Sign Weirs Beach Weir's Pier Weir's Houses Weirs Houses Two
Weirs House 3


Weir’s Beach is one of those places that feels stuck in time.  It has changed very little since I was there as a child.  For a lot of reasons, that is a good thing.  It’s nostalgic.  It’s something I can experience again with my kids. But nostalgic can quickly become run down if it’s not cared for.  Part of me keeps going back to support the businesses and economy there.  It’s also part of why I wanted to write about it.  I would like to pass this place on to others.

Weir's Beach Vacation



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