Vacation Purchases

I found some cool stuff on my vacation!  And I’m going to share it with you!  I love shopping on vacation, but I like to try to buy things that don’t scream souvenir (yes, I had to google how to spell souvenir.  That totally doesn’t look right).  I like to get things that I will look at and remember where I was and the happy times we had while we were there.  So, here’s what I got:

$3 Yard Sale Tapestry

I found this little tapestry at a yard sale at a Jewish Community Center that we happened upon while we were frantically trying to find a flea market for my son (no luck on the flea market).  I love the colors and wall hangings are everywhere right now.  I actually have pinned some tutorials on how to make a woven tapestry and I’m gathering up my courage to try to make one myself.  But, I digress.  This is sort of an example of the 70’s aesthetic I talked about in this post.  I’m thinking it may have some Jewish imagery, but I may just be thinking that subconsciously because I bought it at a Jewish Community Center.  If anyone happens to know either way, I would love to know!  Now I have to find the right spot for it.  Definitely the family room, but not sure where exactly.

Up next, is my purchase from my favorite Laconia gift shop/ice cream bar/candy store, Kellerhaus.  If you’re ever in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, this is a must stop.  I think I’m going to do a separate post on my visit there, actually.  Here’s what I brought home with me:

Tiny Jewelry Dish

Isn’t it purty?  It reminds me of the agate objects I’ve seen around.  I don’t think it is agate, though.  I do think it is quite lovely.  It will be a great place to plop my earrings at night:

Tiny Jewelry Dish Close Up

There are two things to note about this picture.  Those earrings are not diamonds.  They are from Kohls and were probably about 6 bucks.  The second thing to note is that I really wanted to put my wedding and engagement rings in the photo.  I tried to pry them off of my fingers, but they wouldn’t budge.  I’m blaming the steaming hot weather for my puffy fingers.  As opposed to the 20 pounds I’ve gained since I got married.

Speaking of twenty pounds, I bought one more thing at Kellerhaus.  I bought espresso flavored fudge.  I will leave you with that.  Good night.

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