Buy It, Spy It or DIY It – Anthropologie Edition

I get a spontaneous drooling problem when I visit Anthropologie’s website.  There are so many beautiful things that I, a. can’t afford and b. don’t feel properly equipped, design wise, to incorporate the gorgeousness into my humble home.  I do  see lots of things that are diy-able or that I’ve seen elsewhere for less.  Which makes Anthropologie the perfect candidate for Buy It, Spy It or DIY It.

Buy It Spy It DIY It Anthropologie Edition


Joliette Pendant Necklace #anthropologie

Buy It – This is one of those special little somethings that I would buy for myself if I found a little cash laying around, or that I would ask for for a special holiday.  At $68.00 it is definitely a splurge, but it’s the right thing to splurge on.
Currant Layered Necklace #anthropologie


Spy It – This is another beautiful necklace.  However, it doesn’t give me that sort of uniqueness that the one above does.  I’ve seen others that are similar enough at discount stores like Kohl’s and Target.  This particular style doesn’t seem as timeless or versatile as the first necklace.  Very pretty, but not for $48.00

Springtime Headband #anthropologie

DIY It – Guys, this is totally DIY-able, right???  A scarf, a chunky head band and a glue gun and BOOM, chic glamour.  It’s $32.00 which is probably my hair accessory budget for the next five years.
Leather Holloway Sofa #anthropologie

Buy It – I know what you’re thinking.  This chick just said her hair accessory budget for the next 5 years is $32.00 and she wants me to go buy a nearly $4000.00 couch.  This couch is the reason my hair accessory budget is $32.00.  This is the type of thing you save your pennies for.

Retractable Writing Desk #anthropologie

Spy It – I could write some fantastic blog posts at this desk, I swear.  However, it is almost $1300.00 and I’ve seen sort of similar ones on Craigslist and at consignment shops for a lot less.  Still more than I would shell out right now, but less than $1300.00

Reclaimed Wood Side Table #anthropologie

DIY It – Duh.  I’ve seen this DIY’ed all over the interwebs.  Sorry Anthropologie, no self respecting DIYer is spending $298.00 on this.

Library Letter -

Buy It:  I love these.  My daughter would definitely love one of these in her room.  For $20.00, this is special and unique.

Jardin Des Plantes Pedestal Bowl -


DIY It – I definitely think these could be DIY-ed.  And I really love them.  For little trinkets and what nots.  They are $32.00 a bowl, a little extravagant for a what not holder.

Under Sun Melamine Dinner Plate -

Buy It, Buy It, Buy It – Three buy its because you want at least three of these beautiful melamine plates.  They are $10.00 each and I can tell you that in this house neither fork, nor spoon, nor knife would ever touch their magnificent painted surfaces.  These are art people!  Hang them on the wall!

Pop-Print Measuring Spoons -                             Okuno Measuring Cups -

Buy It – These measuring spoons and cups are awesome.  They are so pretty, I would never lose them.  For $18.00 for the spoons and $36.00 for the cups, a set of either would be a great hostess gift.  Or a gift for your favorite blogger.

Great Meadow Mural -

Spy It:  This is just, striking.  It was going to be a save your pennies and buy it, but, I really do think you can find similar for a far better price than $548.  An example would be the mural I have in my dining room that I spent way, way less on.  If this is your ultimate, one and only favorite wallpaper in all of the universe,then save up and buy it.  But, there are other options.

Just Picked Candle Tin -

Buy It – These are only $14.00 each.  I’ll bet you anything that they smell great, but I really love the little tins they come in.  Those tins would be great as little containers for doodads when the candle has burned.  Also another great option for a hostess or teacher gift.
Imagined Desks 2015 Calendar -

Buy It – I want this desperately and for $18.00, I may just get it for myself.  The Imagined Desks of Historical Women.  I adore it.  And, I would totally frame those desks at the end of the year.  Yup, totally buying this for myself.

I had about 47 more things I could have put in this post.  Seriously.  Maybe I’ll just go camp out in the store.  What do you love from Anthro?


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