Archery Themed Birthday Party

We had a milestone in our family this summer!  My sweet daughter turned 10!  It’s very exciting and she’s the best 10 year old on the planet.  We had a small family party for her on her birthday, but for her “friends” party, she chose to have an Archery party.  There is a a facility near us that hosts archery parties, so we’ll be holding the event there, but I’m excited to get to work on some Archery themed party accessories.  I’ve already created the invitations through Celebrations:

Archery Party Invite


How adorable is that?  I am such a fan of the electronic invite.  I am generally completely disorganized and I hate writing out envelopes, so this was a win. I did pay $10 for this particular invite, but there are lots of free options, too. I’ve also used and had great results with Punchbowl.

I have a couple of ideas for party favors.  There is the 1st option that I found on a great blog called Ikatbag:

tutorial on how to make bow, arrows, and quiver bag *THESE WERE AT THE FORT HARRISON STATE PARK* They work great!

She has extremely well written tutorials on how to make each component, the bow, arrow and quiver.  I REALLY want to make this, but it does seem a tiny bit ambitious for me, so I may save it for a Girl Scout Troop craft.  The blogger lists the cost breakdown and these don’t appear to be super expensive to make.  Check out the tutorial.  It’s really cool.  There’s even science lessons!  (Okay, I might have skipped over the science lessons).

If I don’t find the time or ambition to make the cool bow, arrow and quiver sets, I thought these pencils were adorable and obviously super easy:

crafts with pencils and feathers - Google SearchAnd these cute bullseye erasers:

Bullseye Eraser Flats

And of course a stash of candy.  Or else who’s going to want to go to her next birthday party?

Speaking of food, I thought these cupcakes would be a great:


I’m really excited to get started!  Any other good archery theme ideas??


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