e.l.f. Favorites

There is a makeup line available at Target that I love.  It’s called e.l.f (eyes,lips,face).  I love it because it’s inexpensive, but not *cheap*, if you know what I mean.  Here are my favorites:

4 elf Products I Love

#1 e.l.f All Over Color Stick – This thing is a life saver.  I use it as a creamy blush and a smoosh it in with the elf Kabuki brush.  It gives your cheeks a dewy tinge of pink.  But, it can also be used on your lips as a gloss! I love double duty products.  And you will never guess how much it costs!  $1.02!  Insane.

#2 e.l.f Kabuki brush – This little brush is a gem.  I use it three separate times during the make up routine.   I smoosh in my highlighter around my eyes, my concealer and my blush with it.  It’s nice and soft and blends everything really well.  This one is $6 and seems expensive compared to the All Over Color Stick, but it’s worth every penny and it’s something you can clean and keep in your makeup bag for a long time.

#3 e.l.f Studio Duo Concealer – This concealer is another double duty item.  The white side is what I use around my eyes to banish dark circles.  You can use it anywhere you want to add a bit of a highlight.  And then the other side is great for dabbing on any blemishes.  $3.  Can’t beat it!

#4 e.l.f Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick – I love this lip gloss.  I like a colorful lip, but I don’t love the texture of lipstick.  This gloss gives you a punch of color and the silky feel of a gloss.  And it’s $2.  No joke.

Top 4 elf Products Under $13 Total

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